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Callebaut Chocolate Blocks

Callebaut Chocolate Blocks

Discover the difference in your culinary projects when you use quality, Belgian couverture chocolate. These Callebaut chocolate blocks are 11 pounds each, crafted from the finest sustainably grown African cacao beans. Callebaut chocolate is known for its rich quality, its high cacao content and its superb workability. It is world-renowned among the finest gourmet and culinary professionals.

World Wide Chocolate

Use as little or as much of this Callebaut chocolate block as you need - from your largest chocolate projects to your smallest, these Callebaut baker's blocks will deliver the results you desire. This chocolate has been tried and tested in first-class kitchens throughout the world and has consistently provided unsurpassed results.  

Choose the percentage of cacao in your Callebaut chocolate block: From the 100 percent cacao content of the extra-bitter dark chocolate liquor block to the 25.9 percent cacao content with added natural vanilla of the white chocolate block, you will enjoy the delicious variations of sweetness this chocolate.

Whether you choose dark, milk or white chocolate, all Callebaut chocolate blocks are consistently crafted with the distinct Callebaut taste that has been painstakingly shaped and passed down for over a century. Whatever your chocolate need is, trust Callebaut chocolate blocks for its silky-smooth flavor and impeccable reputation.

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