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Callebaut Cocoa Powder

Callebaut Cocoa Powder

Trust your baking needs only to the fine cocoa powder that has come with over 100 years of refinement and artisan creation. Callebaut cocoa powder is made from the finest African cacao beans. Each bean is grown and harvested sustainably - it is then roasted, ground and refined to create the rich, warm red-brown color that consistently delivers a solid chocolatey taste with every bite.

World Wide Chocolate

Callebaut cocoa powder's delicate, fine texture and superb solubility is easily mixed with liquids and doughs to help you create gourmet pastries, breads, icings and desserts. Add the exquisitely distinguished taste of Callebaut chocolate to ice creams, drinks and more - or use this beautifully colored powder to decorate truffles or other confections.

World Wide Chocolate offers both Dutch-processed cocoa powder and Belgian cocoa powder in 1-, 2-, and 11-pound packages to serve your small to extra-large culinary needs. Each cocoa powder product has a 22-24 percent fat content.

Professional and amateur gourmands have trusted the rich, silky taste of Callebaut chocolate since 1911 to help them achieve culinary success. Let the rich, chocolatey taste of Callebaut chocolate powder inspire you to create something beautiful.

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