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Cafe-Tasse Chocolate

Cafe-Tasse Chocolate

The idea behind Café-Tasse chocolate actually started with a simple cup of coffee. While sipping an espresso at a Brussels café, one man craved a delicious piece of chocolate to complement his drink of choice. That idea eventually served as the inspiration for the Neapolitan, an artisan chocolate carefully crafted in the Belgian tradition (despite the name's Italian reference).

World Wide Chocolate

The Café-Tasse chocolate company gained quite a bit of popularity for this delicious little creation, especially since it so perfectly complemented coffee drinks. Since then, the family-owned business has gone on to create a wide variety of chocolate treats that are equally as delicious whether enjoyed alone or with your daily cup of joe. The same careful attention that went into creating the Neapolitan has been applied to the creation of these premium chocolates. Each one is made from only the highest quality ingredients and has that distinctive Belgian chocolate taste. Whether you prefer the bitter hint of dark chocolate or the rich and creamy texture of milk chocolate, you'll find a delicious chocolate bar to love in this collection from Café-Tasse.

And when it comes to those little daily delights you want to enjoy as party of your everyday rituals, be sure to stock up on Café-Tasse chocolate mini bars. These individually wrapped sweet treats come in several flavors and act as the perfect complement to your daily coffee, an evening glass of wine or just as a little dessert to enjoy when the craving strikes.

Choose a few flavors for yourself or stock up on delicious Café-Tasse chocolate bars to give as gifts to your loved ones. These luxurious treats from World Wide Chocolate feature gourmet craftsmanship and quality without the sky-high prices you'll find at many other retailers.

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