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Callebaut "Crispearls"

Callebaut "Crispearls"

Include an elegant finishing touch to your desserts with these indulgent Callebaut Crispearls. Available in a variety of flavors, Callebaut's chocolate "pearls" will add a crunch to your pastries with their toasted biscuit centers. Add these chocolate callets as sparingly or as generously as you want to your cakes, entremets or desserts. Callebaut Crispearls are tiny, shiny chocolate-covered pearls of perfection that are guaranteed to provide a delightful, decorative design to your culinary treats. Add these chocolate callet treats as a garnish to your special cake creations, line them in creamy trifles or pop a few in your mouth for a satisfying gourmet treat.

World Wide Chocolate

These round parcels of happiness are available in 1.76-pound bags and in a variety of flavors that will delight you and complement any project for which they are needed. Choose from dark, milk, strawberry or white chocolate-covered Crispearls. Each Callebaut chocolate callet Crispearl is enveloped in the fine, Belgian couverture chocolate that has been world-renowned for over a century.

Made from the highest-quality, sustainably grown and harvested African cacao beans, Callebaut chocolate begins and ends with some of the highest of standards in the gourmet chocolate industry. Purchase Callebaut Crispearls and use your imagination to introduce a surprising texture to your edible designs.

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