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Chocolate for a New Generation

Food manufacturing companies all over the world are becoming more cognizant of and increasingly sensitive to the dietary needs and restrictions of their customers. It is often difficult to cater to these needs and restrictions without compromising on taste. However, this is exactly what Cavalier Chocolate has done! This Belgium-based company was started in 1996 with a commitment to both Belgian chocolate traditions as well as creating delicious products that give their customers' pleasure without compromising their health. Cavalier Chocolate's no-sugar production know-how has an acute attentiveness to quality and taste, which has built up considerable trust in its loyal customer base.

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World Wide Chocolate

Cavalier Chocolate: A Premium No-Sugar Chocolate Brand

World Wide Chocolate is proud to offer this premium no-sugar chocolate brand in its collection of chocolate products from around the world. We strive to bring you premium, world-renowned brands and products that we know you will love. Cavalier Chocolate proves to be one of our best-selling no-sugar chocolate brands because of its milk- and dark-chocolate goodness, its silky-smooth mouthfeel and its attention to quality.

Cavalier Chocolate Products

We offer several high-quality Cavalier Chocolate products in a varying range of cacao percentages. From the milky-sweet goodness of 30 percent milk-chocolate bars to decadent 85 percent cacao dark-chocolate bars, these delicious Cavalier Chocolate bars will satisfy your chocolate cravings. Made with all-natural sweeteners such as stevia and maltitol, this health-conscious brand allows you to indulge in your love of chocolate without experiencing the detrimental health effects of sugar. This product is ideal for those who are on restricted diets due to health conditions or for those who practice low sugar diet lifestyles. Whatever your reason for avoiding sugar, you'll find the pure chocolate flavor and intense richness of Belgian chocolate in these Cavalier Chocolate selections.

Cavalier Chocolate Bulk Packaging Available

For your convenience, we have Cavalier Chocolate available in several quantity offerings at World Wide Chocolate. Purchase single bars to sample - try several varieties to find your very favorite Cavalier Chocolate bar. For those who are die-hard fans of the Cavalier Chocolate brand or who want to purchase these products as gifts, we offer bulk packages of Cavalier Chocolate bars. Choose from seven-quantity packages to 14-quantity packs. Our bulk packaging is excellent for holidays, special occasions, anniversaries, gift baskets and more!

If you should have questions about the Cavalier Chocolate products you see here at World Wide Chocolate, please don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We are passionate about chocolate at World Wide Chocolate!

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