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Certified Non-GMO Chocolate

Certified Non-GMO Chocolate

You love chocolate, but the thought of ingesting genetically engineered chocolate is unappetizing and unappealing. We understand your concern, and we've taken steps to provide you with a selection of the world's finest certified non-GMO chocolate. Now you have the freedom to enjoy as much chocolate as you like. All brands in this section meet the highest quality ethical food standards.

World Wide Chocolate

Why Certification Matters

GMO stands for genetically modified organism, a scientific term that describes any artificially engineered organism derived from animals or plants. While many people prefer foods that are not tainted by scientific tampering, it's difficult to be sure of purity without a reliable certification system. The Non-GMO Project is steadfast in its mission to keep consumers informed about foods that are not genetically modified in laboratories. If you're concerned about genetic food tampering, the brands featured in this collection are all verified and certified to be non-GMO for your peace of mind.

Chocolate Bars

Are non-GMO chocolate bars as good as the ones you grew up loving? Yes, and in many cases, they're much better. Chocolate makers go to great lengths to make candy bars that tantalize your taste buds. Because high-quality cocoa beans are used, the flavor of the chocolate is often superior to standard varieties. Additionally, you have plenty of options for milk and dark chocolate bars. Select plain bars, or chocolate bars combined with tasty ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, raspberries, chilies and salted caramel.

Baking Chocolate

Make World Wide Chocolate your source for top quality non-GMO baking chocolate. When it comes to this type of chocolate, it's all about the cocoa beans. Chocolatiers featured in this section offer some of the finest multipurpose use chocolate available, and it's made from the best beans. Here too, you have access to amazing variety that allows you to get creative with flavor. Try blocks of bittersweet chocolate from countries such as Columbia, Madagascar, Ecuador and Venezuela. Or, make goodies using chocolate from Hawaii or Mexico. Happy baking!

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