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Certified Vegan Chocolate

Certified Vegan Chocolate

Sticking to your vegan diet doesn't mean you have to give up your love of eating chocolate. Vegan chocolate is available for you to enjoy in many forms. Whether you're in the mood for a dark chocolate bar or want to sip a cup of milk-free hot chocolate, you can find indulgent chocolate that adheres to vegan principles right here.

World Wide Chocolate

Artisan Quality Dark Chocolate

The concept of "artisan chocolate" has really taken hold in the world of the chocolate connoisseur. This type of chocolate is often the result of experimentation and creativity when it comes to flavors, texture and aroma. For vegans, dark chocolate reaches new heights of deliciousness when given the artisan treatment. Pure, dark chocolate has different levels of complexity, and you can have fun trying plain varieties and selections mixed with coconut, caramel, fruit or nuts.

What Do Chocolate Percentages Mean?

It's common to see percentages appear on dark chocolate labels. One chocolate bar may contain 75 percent dark chocolate, while another is listed as 90 percent. If you've always considered all dark chocolate to be the same, this may be puzzling. Fortunately, there are distinctive differences, and you'll come to appreciate them once you sample different varieties. Chocolate makers list percentages to indicate the level of cocoa bean intensity. Generally, the higher numbers offer purer cocoa flavor. Pure 100 percent cocoa has a bitter aftertaste, so your choice depends on your preference for sweetness.

Ways to Enjoy Vegan Chocolate

Vegans can enjoy dark chocolate in numerous ways. Dark chocolate bars are a popular choice for many living the vegan lifestyle. These rich, creamy bars make a sublime between-meal snack or dessert. During cooler months, you may be in the mood for hot chocolate, but avoid mixes because of dairy content. Thankfully, you can enjoy this drink again by choosing dairy-free instant chocolate. Simply mix heaping teaspoonfuls with hot water and enjoy. Make melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cakes and pies using semi-sweet chocolate baking chunks.

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