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Valrhona Chocolate Bars & Squares

Valrhona Chocolate Bars & Squares

There are many reasons to treat yourself to a sweet and decadent fine chocolate bar. They can act as a reward for a job well done, a consolation after a hard day or a small indulgence. No matter what your reason for buying chocolate bars, Valrhona chocolate bars and chocolate squares from World Wide Chocolate are perfect for you. These premium-quality chocolate bars are made from the finest ingredients in the Rhone Valley of France. They contain chocolate made from specially grown cocoa beans and feature rich and intense chocolate flavor in every bite.

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Shop our selection of small, personal-sized Valrhona chocolate bars to find the ideal sweet treat for any chocolate-lover. This selection comes with an option for every taste. If you prefer lighter chocolate with a less-intense flavor, we carry blond dulcey chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars. We also carry dark chocolate bars with a wide range of different cocoa content percentages. These bars come in single sizes as well as cases containing five, 12 or even 20 chocolate bars.

If you prefer your chocolate bars to include fillings and flavors, you'll love our flavored Valrhona chocolate bars. Just as with the solid chocolate bars, this chocolate comes in several different cocoa content options. Choose from milk chocolate and dark chocolate in different filling and flavor combinations. Some of the flavors that we carry include orange and caramel. Other chocolate bars are filled with pecans, cacao nibs and crunchy pearls.

For an even smaller chocolate treat that doubles as a great party favor or gifts, try our Valrhona chocolate squares. These squares are made with the same premium chocolate, flavors and fillings as our full-size chocolate bars in a smaller size. Opt for milk chocolate squares or dark chocolate squares. Order a 50-count bag or a 200-count box to ensure that you have plenty of French chocolate treats to last. Bulk pricing is available on large orders.

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