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Chocolove Chocolate Bars

Chocolove Chocolate Bars

Chocolove started as a seed of an idea in a cocoa field in Indonesia while the founder was there for volunteer work. After traveling to 28 different countries over two years as a volunteer and sampling the local spices, teas and wines, his palate had expanded immensely. While nibbling on a piece of cocoa in that field, he realized something: the gourmet chocolate in America was limited and intimidating, and they didn't list their cocoa content. At that moment, he decided that he would enter the chocolate business and form Chocolove. Now, over 20 years and countless chocolate bars later, Chocolove calls Boulder, Colorado home.

World Wide Chocolate

Their commitment to chocolate and spreading the message of love is apparent in every Chocolove chocolate bar, which is packaged to look like a letter from abroad and includes a romantic poem inside the wrapper - and yes, the cocoa content is clearly marked in accordance with the founder's desire for quality and transparency. These creamy and decadent bars are made in small batches in the cool mountain air of Colorado and then lovingly packaged for customers around the world.

World Wide Chocolate is proud to be a supplier of such an honest, creative, sincere and, above all, delicious chocolatier. Whether you choose a Chocolove milk chocolate bar, dark chocolate bar or a variety of organic chocolate bars, you're supporting the romance and legacy of American chocolate.

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