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Callebaut Chocolate Callets/Chips

Callebaut Chocolate Callets/Chips

Once you use these deliciously beautiful chocolate callets in your recipes, we guarantee that you will never settle for less again. Use them in your pastry creations, bakery treats and as a finishing touch to your desserts - or just nibble on them for a sensually smooth, silky gourmet snack. These Callebaut Belgian chocolate callet "chips" are available from 80.1 percent cacao in an extremely dark, bitter Kumabo chocolate to 25.9 percent cacao in white chocolate callets - and every fine chocolate flavor in between.

World Wide Chocolate

Callebaut chocolate callets all begin as sustainably harvested and grown African cacao beans. Over a century has passed since Callebaut first opened its chocolate factory in Belgium, and its chocolate recipe has been perfected and refined. Each glossy callet is crafted from the finest Belgian chocolate and is achieved through a time-consuming process of panning in copper drums. The result is shiny perfection that has a satisfying snap.

These chocolate callets are available in 1-, 2- or 22-pound packages from World Wide Chocolate for use in your small to extra-large culinary needs. Professional and amateur gourmands have trusted Callebaut couverture chocolate for their creations since 1911 because of its refined taste and trusted workability. Let Callebaut chocolate callets inspire you to create something special in your kitchen.

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