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Guittard Chocolate Chips

Guittard Chocolate Chips

Add bold, rich flavor to your pastries and confections with Guittard Chocolate Chips, Chunks and Batons. This premium line of baking chocolates is crafted for the serious chef and chocolatier from the finest ingredients. Guittard baking chocolates are made in small batches, in a wide range of finishes and flavors including semisweet, extra dark, milk, butterscotch, cappuccino, mint and more.

World Wide Chocolate

Premium quality chocolate chips are used to provide a very consistent dispersal of chocolate throughout your dessert or confection. Yet some gourmet bakers insist that the use of chips misses the experience of a chocolate chip cookie. They argue for the greater "meltiness" and more random distribution of chocolate through the use of broken chunks, batons and baking bars. The tiny bits and near powders that result from breaking larger portions of baking chocolate tends to impart a luscious, rich flavor of chocolate to the surrounding cookie. Unsure where you stand in this debate? It is probably best to try your recipe both ways, and decide by the taste!

For the richest, most delicious cookies, cakes, pies, puddings and candies, always start with the best ingredients - Guittard Chocolate Chips, Chunks and Batons.

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