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Taza Chocolate Covered Nuts

Taza Chocolate Covered Nuts

Stone-ground chocolate produces a taste that is unlike anything else - this ancient method of making chocolate releases flavors that are both powerful and rustic that will leave you wanting more and more. That's exactly what happened to Taza Chocolate's founder during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico - one bite of the local chocolate, and he was hooked. That's how Taza Chocolate was born, and now they deliver unbeatable flavors produced at incredibly ethical standards to people all over the world.

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Want to up the ante on your chocolate experience? Taza Chocolate covered nuts are the way to go. Choose from chocolate covered almonds, cashews or hazelnuts for a crunchy and satisfying snack that will keep you coming back. Each nut is coated in dark stone-ground chocolate so that every bite is as delicious as the last.

World Wide Chocolate is proud to bring you these and many other Taza Chocolate products. Order a selection for yourself or give them as gifts to friends and loved ones. Whoever the recipient is, they'll love these delectable treats.

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