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Chocolove Organic Chocolate Bars

Chocolove Organic Chocolate Bars

Organic foods and Boulder, Colorado go together like, well, like Chocolove and chocolate. It makes sense then why the Boulder-based Chocolove would create a line of organic chocolates to suit the socially conscious sweets lovers of the world. Chocolove was born in a cocoa field in Indonesia while the founder was there on volunteer work, so it's easy to understand why fair trade certifications and adhering to organic standards are both ideals that are close to the company's heart.

Chocolove Belgian Chocolate - "Organic" Dark Chocolate, 73% Cocoa, 90g/3.2oz.[ Top ]
Chocolove "Cherries in Dark Chocolate," Fair Trade Cherries in Organic Dark Chocolate 73% Cocoa, 90g/3.2oz.[ Top ]
Chocolove - "Currants & Almonds in Dark Chocolate," Fair Trade Currants in Organic Dark Chocolate, 73% Cocoa, 90g/3.2oz.[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Lucky for those who prefer their food products to be organic, Chocolove is committed to making sure that doesn't mean having to sacrifice taste. World Wide Chocolate brings you three different styles of Chocolove organic chocolate bars: dark chocolate, cherries in dark chocolate and currants and almonds in dark chocolate. Whether you're a chocolate purist who likes to keep things simple or you prefer a little more complexity in your sweet treats, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Each Chocolove organic chocolate bar is packaged to look like a letter from abroad and is wrapped in a romantic love poem, making these treats a perfect gift for a loved one.

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