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Cote d'Or Mignonettes & Bouchees

Belgians are famous for many delectable creations, but the one that has become most synonymous with the country is rich and creamy chocolate. It's no wonder that some of the most celebrated chocolatiers have come from this country, one of which is Cote d'Or. Known for creating some of the most silky and decadent chocolate on the planet, this chocolatier's name is French for Gold Coast, the former name for what is now Ghana, where a large portion of the world's cacao beans originate from.

Cote d'or Belgian Chocolate - Dark Chocolate "Noir de Noir" Mignonettes 54% Cocoa, 240g/8.4oz.[ Top ]
Cote d'or Belgian Chocolate - Milk Chocolate "Lait - Milk" Mignonettes 35% Cocoa, 240g/8.4oz.[ Top ]
Cote d'or Belgian Chocolate - "Bouchee" Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Creme Filling, 8 Pcs, 200g/7.05oz.[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Since its creation in the 1800s, Cote d'Or has become a favorite of chocolate lovers around the globe. World Wide Chocolate is proud to bring you a wide selection of products from this chocolatier, including Cote d'Or Mignonettes and Bouchees. Mignonettes are crisp and perfectly-sized squares of chocolate that are ideal as bite-size morsels. Bouchees, on the other hand, include a creamy filling such as hazelnut. Whichever you choose, you'll be enjoying hundreds of years of craftsmanship and experience rolled into each delicious bite.

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