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Homer Truffle Co® (HTC)

Specialty Chocolates Crafted in Homer, Alaska

Homer Truffle Co® (HTC) is currently a two-person engine, fueled by their passion in the industry, and a desire to go “back to basics.” HTC strives to provide perfectly simple chocolate products: handmade, handcrafted, and full of flavor. As their name implies, HTC’s focus is unapologetically truffles. The common trend is to perfectly shape truffles and bonbons, although HTC crafts in their own unique way: airy rich centers surrounded with imperfectly delicious shells. Each truffle should be enjoyed slowly, with attention. 

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Meet David & Evangelina

Evangelina has been deemed the, “Magic Maker,” as she creates the decadent blissful chocolate balls. She does not see the craft as “magic,” as much she does constantly striving to achieve and produce the greatest & most unique flavors. She has spent countless hours in practice, worked and learned from chocolatiers, on top of going back to school for culinary arts, and it’s all for chocolate. She has a put together an impressive resume on top of it all, including a BA in Sociology with an emphasis in statistics, serving as a Master-at-Arms (military cop) in the US Navy, and becoming a certified Culinary Chef and Pastry Chef through Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. The combination of these elements has resulted in a perfect meld for creating truffles (and also talking to them about how they feel when their friends get eaten).

David was raised in Alaska, and his skillsets include the ability to grow a fiery red beard, DIY handyman work, and an elite dad round-clock. David’s upbringing certainly contributed to his craft too; his mother, Barbara Briggs, owned, “Tundra Chocolates” in Anchorage & Wasilla, AK from 1980-1992, thus David is certainly no stranger to chocolate! He now dedicates the majority of his time ensuring Homer Truffle Co® succeeds. When asked, “Why truffles?” his response is always, “Just try them.” He received a degree in business, and nearly with two decades of corporate/retail management under his belt, David, “grabs HTC by the antlers and drives it forward…uphill in the snow…both ways. (Does that metaphor work? Yes, yes it does).”

Homer Truffle Co® & The Community

Community Goals

HTC is big on community, especially towards their Homer Alaskan area, and go above and beyond to do things in it. HTC hosted hosted a Dia de los Muertos event at a local Mexican restaurant; it was free for the community, featured Evangelina’s Day of the Dead bread, and included prizes for some of those attending. Attendees brought in pictures of loved ones who had passed making first Day of the Dead celebration in Homer a massive success. At this event the two announced their first Ruby chocolate product. It was the Dolly Varden: a Ruby chocolate bar with Madagascar vanilla bean & Alaskan sea salt. HTC also prides themselves on being the only Alaskan Chocolatier to be using Ruby Chocolate. David also crafted the Ruby Starfish made for the Chocolaterie to celebrate Alaska’s state parks 50th anniversary.

Also seen right, you can see them at the community Tree Lighting ceremony for Christmas. David & Evangelina handed out chocolates to children waiting in line for Santa.

The beautiful minty green and chocolate coins are HTC’s mint Bear Coins™. The molds have been made with a grizzly bear paw along with a Tlingit native bear inside. They also donate a percentage of each coin sold to the Alaska Tlingit and Haida Council, which they use for their language program. David recently just made over 400 Bear Coins™ in one weekend for each employee of their hospital as a gift from a local contractor because of what they were going through during the first two months of the pandemic – always keeping community first. All HTC products are named after something Alaskan, and include a brief “Did you Know” on the back of the packaging with Alaskan facts, staying true to their roots while providing exceptional quality confections.


Now, through the month of September, receive 15% off your first order at Homer Truffle Co®. Visit https://www.homertruffle.co/chocolaterie and enter the code ‘CHOCOMMUNITY‘ at checkout.

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The Gallery

View & Admire Some of the Work that is Homer Truffle Co®

To read about the images not included above, scroll down below the gallery for descriptions!

The chocolate ovals with the salted caramels are one of HTC’s Moose Berries™ flavors. They are their novelty chocolate chews, hand rolled to resemble moose turds.

HTC developed The Moose Crew™, moose with specific personalities that represent each flavor. They are hanging larger than life in their small Chocolaterie in Homer (pictured left to right: Stanley (salty caramel), Milo (mint), Bruce (milk chocolate), Cindy (cinnamon), and Chevy (Chili). They are HTC’s mascots.

Evangelina is first generation Mexican American, and branched out beyond truffles to create Pan Dulce (Mexican Sweet Breads), which are available exclusively in their Chocolaterie in Homer. She uses the chocolates in the breads too – some twist bread with Ruby, as well as Conchas with both Ruby and dark chocolate.

HTC also does custom work for events: the picture of the open truffle and the Ruby drizzle is a black garlic truffle Evangelina made for a New Years event at a local 5-star restaurant.

The silver balls are custom chocolate balls with coffee nibs and silver HTC made for a veteran-owned traveling museum.


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