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Meet Kali

Kali’s interest in cookies began at a young age, watching her mother fully own and operate a cookie store. Her mother baked and decorated countless batches of locally-loved cookies, constantly receiving raving local reviews. Seeing her mother craft cookies to perfection for years lead to Kali’s interest in baking, and enjoyed baking as a hobby throughout her life. She began baking regularly just a few years ago, but only recently, in the past few months, has pursued it further and expanded into a business. With little time, and word of mouth, Kali’s cookies started attracting anyone and everyone who tries her sweet blends. After seeing so much demand, she had to create and operate her own site to take orders – the phones simply were not enough!

Kali’s taste for the sweeter things in life elevated her dedication to the craft, offering new and perfected recipes on a regular basis. Using the finest all-natural ingredients, she crafts each cookie to perfection with love to bake the gooiest, softest, most decadent treats imaginable. Her creativity shines, and after one bite, you’ll be soon to reach for more…

Kali’s Cookies & WWC

A Sweet Collaboration


Kali’s Cookies is located right around the corner from WWC’s HQ, in Hampton, NH, only using the finest chocolate chips and ingredients available. Whether it be the Salted Caramel Cookie, Mint Chocolate Oreo, or Key Lime Pie, there is a decadent cookie out there for everyone. Explore Kali’s Cookies today, and indulge in the gooey sweeteness.

Interested in purchasing Kali’s Cookies? Check out her website below, and take 15% off your order with coupon, “WWC

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