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Guittard Cocoa & Drinking Powder

Guittard Cocoa & Drinking Powder

Guittard chocolate is a celebration of quality and flavor. We provide two different types of Guittard Cocoa Powder for two different chocolate experiences. Cocoa Rouge Unsweetened Cocoa Powder is the choice of the finest pastry chefs and confectioners with its intense, bittersweet character, rich red color and full, fudge-like flavor. Guittard also offers baking cocoa powder in medium Dutched process, rich, deep, dark full Dutched process, and natural process in varying levels of intensity. All are perfect for baking decadent creations like chocolate cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and memorable confections. The different levels of intensity are each made with a different percentage of cocoa butter to deliver a different, premium chocolate taste.

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The Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate is an award-winning specialty beverage. This fine sipping cocoa blends premium chocolate finely ground with old-fashioned, Dutch process cocoa powder for a silky smooth, rich flavored drinking chocolate flavor that connoisseurs will cherish. Enjoy!

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