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Crio Chocolate

Crio Chocolate

Enjoy these delectable chocolate covered cacao beans made from the finest and rarest cacao – the Criollo beans – which is where Crio gets its name.

Giving you even more advantages than fine dark chocolate, these pure cacao beans deliver sky-high antioxidants and other health-promoting benefits.

These delicious Crio Beans present a fruity body with deep chocolate notes and no bitter finish.

Crio Beans Chocolate Covered Cocoa BeansYou've never tasted anything like them...they're fantastic!!

Using only authentic cocoa and never artificial preservatives, our chocolatiers create a whole new language of forms and flavours, the widest range available, all made by artisans in our small factory.

Crio Beans "Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans", 8 oz.[ Top ]
Crio Beans "Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans", 4 oz.[ Top ]

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