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Cyber Five Ends In:








Thanksgiving & Black Friday through Cyber Monday

November 28th through December 2nd

The Best Chocolate Savings

Five Days of Savings – Blurred Until Active! – Check Back Daily to Reveal the Deal of the Day!

Day 1: 15% Off All Couverture

1:00PM ET November 27th – 3:00AM ET November 29th


Shop Callebaut, Cacao Barry, Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Guittard & save.




Day 2: 15% Off All Cocoa Powder

5:00PM ET November 28th – 3:00AM ET November 30th


Shop Guittard, Valrhona, Callebaut, Bensdorp, Cacao Barry, Michel Cluizel, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Droste, Ghirardelli, & save.




Day 3: Free Chocolate

6:00PM ET November 29th – 3:00AM ET December 1st


1) Spend $25.00, Get a Free Single-Origin Chocolate Bar

2) Spend $50.00, Get two Free Single-Origin Chocolate Bars

3) Spend $100.00, Your Choice of a Free Gift Box or Chocolate Mousse Powder

4) Spend Over $250.00 on your order, get a $35.00 Credit on your Next Order* + Two Single Origin Chocolate Bars


*The credit will be generated immediately upon checkout and be sent to your email in the form of a code. You also have the option to send this code as a gift to another email address, which also allows you to write a custom note to the recipient.



1) ($25.00 Minimum) “bar25

2) ($50.00 Minimum) “bar50

3a) ($100.00 Minimum) “freebox” 3b) “freemousse

4) ($250.00 Minimum)”credit35″

These coupons cannot be combined

Day 4: 15% off all Chips, 18% Off All Callebaut Ruby & Insanity

6:00PM ET November 30th – 3:00AM ET December 2nd


Spend $50.00 on Chips, get a Free one pound bag of Guittard’s Premium White Chocolate High Sierra Chips

Spend over $100.00 on Chips, get a Free one pound bag of Single-Origin Michel Cluizel Baking chips

Spend over $250.00 on chips take 20% off your order. This coupon cannot be combined.



1)”chips15” (15% off all chips, no minimum)

2) “sierra” ($50.00 chip minimum receives free one pound bag of Guittard High Sierra White Chocolate baking chips. Cannot be combined with “cluizelchips”)

3) “cluizelchips” ($100.00 chip minimum receives free one pound bag of Michel Cluizel Chocolate baking chips. Cannot be combined with “sierra”)

4) “rubymadness” (18% off all Callebaut ruby sizes). If you are buying other chips in addition to Ruby, this coupon can be combined with all the coupons listed above.

5) “insanity” (Take 20% off all chips with a $250.00 minimum. Cannot be combined with any coupon listed above)



Day 5: 15% Off Site-Wide

 5:00PM ET December 1st – 3:00AM ET December 3rd

All orders over $75.00 receive a free grab bag sampler



1) “wwc” (15% off site-wide, no minimum)

2) “wwc75” (15% off site-wide & receive a free grab bag sampler with a $75.00 minimum)


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