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Divine Chocolate - Fair Trade Chocolatier

Divine Chocolate - Fair Trade Chocolatier

A little chocolate can make a big difference. Divine Chocolate is here to prove it with their delicious fair-trade chocolate. This company is actually co-owned by 85,000 members, all of whom are farmers in Ghana. This farming cooperative, called Kuapa Kokoo, supplies the cocoa for each Divine Chocolate bar. These fair-trade policies have led to profits that go directly to the farmers and their families, while also ensuring that Divine chocolate is made from only the finest, purest ingredients. In fact, Divine Chocolate was the first fair-trade chocolate bar aimed at the mass market when it was originally launched in 1998. Since then, the company has continued to be a trendsetter in the fair-trade chocolate industry.

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One of the wonderful things about Divine Chocolate is that each bar has a deliciously intense and rich flavor. Whether it's a robust dark chocolate, a decadent milk chocolate or a creamy white chocolate, Divine Chocolate features bars with superior flavor and quality that only comes from cocoa beans sourced directly from the farmers themselves. In addition, there are several delicious flavor combinations with mint, strawberries, hazelnuts and other tasty ingredients combined right into the bars.

If you're looking for a new way to experience your very favorite sweet treat, try these Divine Chocolate bars from World Wide Chocolate. Our selection of superior products from this brand include tasty chocolates to keep on hand at home along with a variety of delicious flavors that would make excellent gifts for the chocolate lover in your life. Because each bar is made with fair-trade ethics in mind, it's a gift that will be especially meaningful to mindful consumers. Stock up now to get the best price on these delicious chocolates by ordering from World Wide Chocolate.

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