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A GMO, or a genetically modified organism, is an individual plant, animal or single-celled life form whose genetic makeup has been edited/modified through genetic engineering. This in turn creates genes which do not occur in nature, or through traditional habits, but commonly practiced in commercial food production. First ‘debuting’ in 1994, GMOs in consumable products continues to rise, thus the Non-GMO Project, created in 2007, came to fruition to distinguish traditionally-sourced ingredients from those modified. If you are consuming any product without a ‘Non-GMO’ label, there likely is a genetically modified ingredient somewhere wrapped in such nourishment, although the Non-GMO Project initiated ‘the butterfly’ stamp in 2010 to explicitly label which commercial products are created with all natural ingredients. Here at WWC, we took the liberty to display these offerings in one grouping, to facilitate any search you may be out to accomplish. All products listed [on our site] with the Non-GMO tag are certified and labeled as such to meet the highest quality ethical food standards you may be looking for.

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