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Dolfin Chocolate - Bars & Squares

Dolfin Chocolate - Bars & Squares

Founded by two brothers in 1989, Dolfin Chocolate is known as "The Art of Blending." Their philosophy is mixing their fine chocolate with fruits, spices, herbs and flowers for a unique take on the classic Belgian chocolate. We are pleased to share their innovative creations and to count Dolfin as one of the many prestigious brands we carry.

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Brothers Michael and Jean-Francois Poncelet grew up in the tradition of Belgian-making chocolate. Their mother and father owned a prestigious chocolate company and it is there where they learned about the industry and fine-tuned their skills. When they set out to start their own company, they knew they wanted to create a new legacy and decided to experiment with their unique chocolate pairings. Dolfin's chocolate masters use nothing less than the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. They source their cocoa beans from different areas of the world. They turn to West Africa and Latin America to achieve the delicate blend of their milk chocolate; the Congo for their 60 percent cocoa dark chocolate; Peru for their 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate and the Dominican Republic fortheir 88 percent cocoa chocolate.

In addition to their traditional milk and dark chocolate varieties, Dolfin's more creative flavors include dark chocolate infused with everything from green aniseed and fresh ginger, to mint leaves, pink peppercorn, cinnamon, Sencha green tea, lavender and hot masala. The experience of eating these chocolates is truly a memorable one and gives you a whole new way to enjoy chocolate.

Our Dolfin selection includes chocolate bars and squares that are packaged in bags and boxes. If you cannot decide which flavor to try, we suggest starting out with one of their variety bags that includes an assortment of several of their flavors. Our box assortments are also perfect for gift-giving during the holidays, birthdays or for hostess gifts.

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