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WWC’s End-of-February Bonanza


Celebrate with Chocolate Savings & Free Chocolate

\; Each day is blurred until active – so check back often! This is the last of chocolate holidays on the calendar for a while! ;/

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Indulge in Chocolate Savings & Freebies!

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February 25th: National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

February 25th 12:00AM ET-February 26th 4:00AM ET

Take 10% off all chocolote covered nuts, chocolate bars with nuts & Gianduja through Midnight tonight with coupon code, “nutty“!

Plus all orders over $100 receive a free six pack of Everbar Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars with coupon code, “hangry

Everbar Open
Willie's Cacao Pistachio & Date 100% Cacao Bar Mold-min
Willie's Cacao Pistachio & Date 100% Cacao Bar Mold-min
Michel Cluizel Grand Lait Noisettes 45% Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts
Côte d’Or 86% Dark Chocolate Bar

February 26th: National Pistachio Day

February 26th 12:00AM ET-February 27th 4:00AM ET

Take 15% off all Chocolate with Pistachios! Use coupon code, “pitachioooh

Orders over $50 receive free Lindt LINDOR Swiss Milk Chocolate Truffle Pieces with, “ltmilk

Orders over $100 receive a free a free Dolfin 9-Piece Russian Dolls Chocolate Square Assortment with, “dolf

Orders over $200 receive a free Michel Cluizel Noisettes Grand Lait 45% Milk Chocolate Bar AND a Côte d’Or 86% Dark Chocolate Bar with “wowza

Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffle Pieces
Dolfin Russian Dolls Winter 9-Piece Chocolate Assortment

Compounds & Virtual Test Kitchen

February 27th 12:00AM ET-February 28th 4:00AM ET

Take 15% off Felchlin Glazing & Molding Compounds, as well as Guittard Chocolate Flavored Melting A’Peels.

Use coupon “ultra


Plus explore our new Chef Susan Notter features in our Virtual Test Kitchen, using Felchlin glazing and molding compounds!

Felchlin Ultra Shell
Willie's Cacao Pistachio & Date 100% Cacao Bar Mold-min

National Chocolate Souffle Day

February 28th 12:00AM ET-March 1st 4:00AM ET

Perfect your Souffle using anything from our catalog. Take 10% off site-wide through midnight tonight.

Use coupon, “souffleallday

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