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Galler Belgian Chocolate

Galler Belgian Chocolate

Though based in Belgium, Galler is a chocolate company that actually takes it influences from several chocolate-making traditions throughout Europe. Founder Jean Galler studied in Belgium, France and Switzerland before establishing the Galler chocolate factory. There, he incorporated the artisanal methods, high-quality ingredients and expert-level standards he had learned in the three countries most famous for their chocolate-making capabilities. The result was Galler chocolates, which are renowned for their superior quality and exceptional taste.

World Wide Chocolate

Fortunately, you don't have to fly to Belgium to pick up a few of these tasty treats for yourself. At World Wide Chocolate, you'll find a wide array of delectable goodies from the Galler brand. Go on a gourmet journey by sampling a variety of Galler Belgian chocolates. There are a number of enticing combinations from which to choose, including dark chocolate with orange, milk chocolate praline and dark chocolate with espresso. If you really want to see the full range of the incredible flavors the Galler chocolatiers produce, be sure to order the Galler Belgian chocolate gift set, which includes mini chocolate bars in eight different flavors. You'll discover even more decadent options, like white chocolate with coffee cream filling and dark chocolate with walnut praline. Don't forget to add one of the classic dark chocolate bars to your order; Galler was the first company to create a dark chocolate enriched with 70 percent cocoa, so you absolutely must try this intensely flavorful chocolate.

Each and every bite of Galler chocolate will make you feel utterly transported. Backed by the very best chocolate-making techniques, these products feature some of the most exceptional flavors you'll find at World Wide Chocolate. Order today to get these delicious and luxurious treats at an affordable price.

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