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Ghirardelli Chips

Ghirardelli Chips

Rich, melting smooth chocolate chips for your cookies, cakes, candies and fine desserts are a specialty of Ghirardelli chocolate. Whether you want creamy milk chocolate, semi-sweet, bittersweet or elegant white chocolate chips, you will need superior quality for the very best results. This is why we are proud to offer Ghirardelli chocolate chips for your baking needs. They produce a consistent level of exceptional flavor throughout your confection.

World Wide Chocolate

Shop for just the right size baking chocolate chip to complement your recipe. Ghirardelli provides their premium chocolate chips in various sizes for a wonderful, chocolatey experience that can be adjusted to your personal preference. Look for chips that measure anywhere from 500 chips per pound, all the way to 4,000 tiny chips per pound. We offer Ghirardelli chocolate chips in single packages for a single, small-batch baking, or in larger quantities at a discount. Explore and enjoy!

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