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Ghirardelli Syrup (Sauce)

Ghirardelli Syrup (Sauce)

Craft your most perfect cup of coffee or espresso by adding a dollop of Ghirardelli chocolate syrup or sauce. Rich and creamy smooth, Ghirardelli sauces come in a convenient squeeze bottle to add just the right splash of flavor to your cup. Delicious in hot chocolate, or as a topping for ice cream or desserts, Ghirardelli syrup offers intense chocolate, creamy caramel and luxurious white chocolate flavors. What a perfect way to start the day!

Ghirardelli "White Chocolate" Sauce[ Top ]
Ghirardelli Black Label "Chocolate" Syrup[ Top ]
Ghirardelli "Caramel" Sauce[ Top ]
Ghirardelli "Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa" Sauce[ Top ]

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Ghirardelli Chocolate began in the mid 1800's as a general store in Stockton, California selling supplies to miners in the Gold Rush. Along with coffee, teas and tools, extraordinary chocolate products and confections were provided. In short order, the company grew and flourished, moving to San Francisco, to become the world renowned Ghirardelli Chocolate. Working with only the finest cocoa beans and ingredients, as well as developing a signature chocolate process of their own, Ghirardelli consistently delivers exceptional quality chocolate and flavor to the individual, the home baker and the professional pastry chef alike.

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