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Ghirardelli Drinking Cocoa

Ghirardelli Drinking Cocoa

The luxury of a steaming cup of rich, delectable cocoa begins with the finest quality chocolate. That's why World Wide Chocolate provides Ghirardelli Drinking Cocoa for your drinking chocolate pleasure. We offer single bags so you can sample and select your favorite flavors of Ghirardelli hot cocoa from rich double chocolate, or with the added flavor of caramel or mocha. Or, buy your favorite in quantity at a discount. When the weather warms, try Ghirardelli chocolate, white chocolate or mocha for a cool and frothy frappe.

Ghirardelli Chocolate - "Double Chocolate" Hot Chocolate BAG[ Top ]
Ghirardelli - "Chocolate Mocha" Hot Chocolate[ Top ]
Ghirardelli Chocolate - "Caramel" Hot Chocolate[ Top ]
Ghirardelli Chocolate Frappe[ Top ]
Ghirardelli Mocha Frappe[ Top ]
Ghirardelli Classic White Premium Frappe[ Top ]

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Ghirardelli Drinking Cocoa is representative of the exceptional quality that has made Ghirardelli an American institution since the mid 1800's. Known and respected the world over for the quality and intensity of their chocolate, Ghirardelli roasts just the heart of the cocoa bean, called the "nib". This results in the characteristic intensity, for which Ghirardelli is known, that infuses the flavor of each rich, chocolatey product they produce.

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