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Guittard 500g Baking Bars

Guittard 500g Baking Bars

The California Gold Rush of the 1800s brought a number of adventurous immigrants to America in search of riches, one of whom was a young Frenchman by the name of Etienne Guittard. Guittard came to California armed with a selection of his uncle's French chocolate, which he planned to use as bartering tools in his quest to gain mining equipment. Little did he know that the miners would pay top dollar for his confections, which led him to realize that there was another way he could strike gold in America: by selling his chocolates. Guittard returned to France to perfect his craft and then came back to America in 1868 to set up shop on San Francisco's Sansome Street, where he sold chocolates, teas, spices and coffee. Since then, Guittard Chocolate has become one of the premiere French-style chocolatiers in the world.

World Wide Chocolate

World Wide Chocolate is pleased to bring you Guittard 500 Gram Baking Bars for use in your own culinary creations. This decadent chocolate brings a new and exciting twist to any recipe, and has a smooth melting consistency to deliver a rich and savory taste experience. Give Guittard chocolate a try in your next recipe, and you'll see why it's a favorite of chefs around the world.

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