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Guittard Baking Blocks

Guittard Baking Blocks

Gourmet baking, pastries and candies rely on premium ingredients for delectable results. Guittard Baking Blocks are perfect for the serious chocolate lover with a large amount of confections to make. The flavor is rich and complex, with creamy smooth texture and finish.

World Wide Chocolate

Explore the chocolate experience with its many personalities of milk chocolate, semisweet, bittersweet, dark and white chocolate. Some are ideal for different applications, and each imparts its own special flavor. Solitaire is an extraordinary, Dutched dark chocolate that is ideal for enrobing confections in creamy, luscious chocolate. For a similar flavor that is perfect for molding chocolate, select Molding Solitaire, or for a milk chocolate, use Molding Heritage. If you want the richest, smoothest ganache or melted chocolate center, try Monaco Semisweet Dark Chocolate Block.

Each variety of Guittard Chocolate Baking Bars imparts its own, special flavor and qualities to your baking and confections. Select from Nantucket, Monaco, Heritage, High Sierra, French Vanilla and more. Enjoy!

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