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Guittard Chocolate Bars

Guittard Chocolate Bars

Savor the rich, exquisite flavor and velvety smooth deliciousness of Guittard Chocolate Bars. Explore and sample the variety of flavors different varieties produce, from creamy milk chocolate, through the rich complexities of semisweet and bittersweet to the bold, full-bodied extra dark chocolate. Revel in the varying fruity, floral and spicy notes, each with a different percentage of cocoa and all with premium quality.

Guittard Quetzalcoatl 72% Dark Chocolate Bar [ Top ]
Guittard "Soleil D'or" 38% Cocoa Milk Chocolate Bar 2.65oz[ Top ]
Guittard "L'Harmonie" 64% Cocoa Semisweet Bar 2.65oz[ Top ]
Guittard 85% Cocoa "Clair de Lune" Bittersweet Chocolate Bar 2.65oz[ Top ]
Guittard "Nocturne" 91% Cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate 2.65oz [ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Guittard Soleil D'Or Milk Chocolate Bar is a luscious, creamy milk chocolate with 38 percent cacao and a distinct, milky flavor, giving a sense of hot chocolate to the bar, with nutty end notes. L'Harmonie is a complex flavored semisweet chocolate, redolent with tart fruity top notes, and delicate floral aromatics. Claire de Lune is a dark, 85 percent cacao bittersweet chocolate with a mild yet very vivid flavor with subtle notes of cherry and tannin. Guittard Nocturne is an extra dark, intensely flavored multi-bean blend enriched with bright fruit and nutty notes over the elegantly smooth, chocolatey finish.

Each bar is a generous individual serving with enough to share with someone special. Really special.

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