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Guittard Chocolate Syrup

Guittard Chocolate Syrup

Savor the rich, decadent flavor of creamy chocolate, caramel or white chocolate in your favorite coffee drink or granita. Guittard Chocolate Syrups combine premium ingredients with old-fashioned, artisan production to create a luscious and silky smooth addition that elevates a good drink to glorious nectar.

Guittard Chocolate's Syrup Pump for the 95 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)[ Top ]
Guittard Chocolate - Sweet Ground "White Chocolate" Satin Syrup, 95oz [PUMP SOLD SEPARATELY][ Top ]
Guittard Chocolate - Rich & Creamy "Caramel" Syrup, 95oz [PUMP SOLD SEPARATELY][ Top ]
Guittard Chocolate - Sweet Ground "Chocolate" Syrup, 95oz [PUMP SOLD SEPARATELY][ Top ]
Sweet Ground Milk Chocolate [PUMP SOLD SEPARATELY] [ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Do you favor a white chocolate mocha? Satiny smooth and very rich, Guittard Sweet Ground White Chocolate Syrup adds creamy flavor to any espresso drink. The Rich & Creamy Caramel is made from brown sugar, fresh butter and genuine vanilla for an injection of old world sweetness, making for an exceptional caramel latte. The Sweet Ground Chocolate Syrup turns your basic morning cup of joe into a rich, decadent chocolate experience. What a perfect way to start your day!

These luscious Guittard syrups are ideal for cold, hot or iced beverages, and a decadent plating garnish for fine desserts. Make any day an occasion with Guittard Chocolate.

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