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Guittard Chocolate Wafers & NonPareils

Guittard Chocolate Wafers & NonPareils

In the 1800s, California was a bustling mix of immigrants all looking to strike it rich during the legendary Gold Rush. One of those immigrants was a chocolatier from France named Etienne Guittard. Guittard arrived in California in the mid-1800s equipped with his uncle's chocolates that he hoped to use as bartering tools in order to acquire mining equipment. He soon found out that miners were willing to pay a premium for his chocolates, at which point he decided to sail back to France to perfect his craft. In 1868, Guittard returned to California and opened his own shop on Sansome Street where he sold chocolates, coffee, tea and spices.

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Over 150 years later, the legacy of this pioneer has expanded to include such delights as Guittard Chocolate Wafers and Nonpareils, decadent treats that are ideal for use in baking, making sauces or as a delight all on their own. World Wide Chocolate is proud to partner with such exceptional chocolatiers as Guittard in order to bring you the very best chocolate that the world has to offer. We hope you enjoy these delicious morsels as you savor the taste of ingenuity and dedication to quality.

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