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Licorice: An Ancient Treat

Often called an "ancient treat," licorice root has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. It was even found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Licorice has been known to have anti-inflammatory qualities and has been used as a cough and respiratory remedy over the centuries. Although black licorice was first developed, cultivated and turned into a candy in an English monastery, the country that holds a wild affinity for this candy lies farther south. Nothing compares to the Netherlands' passion and true love for this treat!

Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Drops - Deliciously Sweet & Soft[ Top ]
Gustaf's Dutch Licorice - Double Salt Classic Salt Licorice[ Top ]
Gustaf's Dutch Licorice - Bears Deliciously Sweet & Cuddly[ Top ]
Gustaf's Dutch Licorice - Cats Deliciously Sweet & Firm[ Top ]
Gustaf's Licorice Ice - Peppermint Bites with a Hint of Sweet Licorice[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

The Dutch Love of Licorice Drops

Today, the Dutch lead the world's consumption in licorice - about four pounds per person, per year! In fact, about 20 percent of the candy sold in Holland today is licorice. The Dutch "drop" (as licorice is called in the Netherlands) is now a beloved Dutch treat; it takes on shapes like coins, cars, hearts, ropes (scheepstouw), herrings and cats (katjes).

Buy Gustaf's Dutch Licorice

Gustaf's Dutch Licorice follows in the long tradition of the Netherlands' love for black licorice. World Wide Chocolate offers several variations of this iconic Dutch treat, including the "dubbel zout," or "double salt" for all of those die-hard black licorice drop fans. Choose your favorite Gustaf's Dutch Licorice shape and flavor. Whether you like your black licorice drops more salty or more sweet - or even with a hint of cool peppermint flavor - we have what you're looking for here at World Wide Chocolate!

Gustaf's Black Licorice Drop Shapes

Satisfy your black licorice cravings with our variations of Dutch black licorice drop shapes and sizes. From coins and traditional drops to cute bears and sweet katjes (kitties), you can enjoy your black licorice candies in all different shapes, sizes and consistencies, depending on your preference.

Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Bulk Packaging Options

We also offer several different packaging options, including bulk Gustaf's Dutch Licorice. Whether you prefer to test the waters by purchasing only one bag to start off with or you are a huge fan of these Dutch treats and want to purchase a bulk supply, we have what you're looking for here at World Wide Chocolate.

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