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Hot Chocolate Sticks

Hot Chocolate Sticks

Craving some hot cocoa? Say goodbye to those powdery mixes that leave you with watery hot chocolate. Instead, sip on smooth, creamy and delicious hot cocoa made with Hot Chocolate Sticks from World Wide Chocolate. These fun little treats put a fresh spin on the classic tradition of hot cocoa. Whether enjoying them on your own or with the whole family, you can't help but get caught up in the fun of creating your own authentic hot chocolate right before your very eyes.

World Wide Chocolate

So, how do Hot Chocolate Sticks work? These tasty little cubes of chocolate come conveniently mounted on a wooden stick. All you need to do to satisfy your hot cocoa craving is simply dunk the stick into a cup of hot milk (80°C/176°F). Swirl it around and in just about one minute, you'll have rich and creamy hot cocoa you can indulge in sip by sip.

Besides the fun way Hot Chocolate Sticks allow you to make your own hot chocolate at home, these sticks also turn a typical warm drink into a totally gourmet treat. Each Hot Chocolate Stick features Callebaut Belgian chocolate that's incredibly flavorful, creamy and delicious. To make it even better, you get to customize your cup of cocoa with your choice of flavor. Choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel Hot Chocolate Sticks to get the perfect cup for your specific sweets craving.

Make a chilly day a little more fun by warming things up with some Hot Chocolate Sticks from World Wide Chocolate. These little treats are great for a fun family snack, a romantic evening for two or even for gifting to friends and family for the holidays. Stock up on Hot Chocolate Sticks in your favorite flavors when you shop online at World Wide Chocolate.

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