Ice Cream Essentials

The Best Chocolates & Toppings for Ice Cream

Explore our vast selections of ice cream essentials, which will elevate your ice cream, sorbets, or frozen yogurts to a whole new level of quality. Whether it be making icre cream from scratch for your business or at-home indulgence, there are phenomenal options to suit all tastes. You can top off your frozen treats with Vermicelli & Decoratifs, Syrups, or dust with cocoa powder; also can add flakes, chips, or chunks to get an extra chocolate bite in your delicacy. 

Callebaut Ice Chocolate

Callebaut Ice Chocolate Family


Fluid Chocolate for Gelato, Ice Cream & Dipping

Chocolate Flakes

Guittard Semisweet Chocolate Flakes

The Perfect Chocolate Topping for Ice Cream Shops and Home-Use

Valrhona P125 Coeur de Guanaja Dark Chocolate Feves

Valrhona P125 Coeur de Guanaja 80% Dark Couverture Chocolate Feves

The Ideal Dark Chocolate for Ice Cream Making

Chocolate Pearls

Mona Lisa Salted Caramel Crispearls Loose

For The Chocolate Aesthetic

Chocolate Vermicelli / Decoratifs®

Guittard Dark Chocolate Decoratifs

Real Chocolate Sprinkles

Caramel Flakes

Allez Caramel Flakes

High Quality Caramel Topping Flakes

Cocoa Powder

Guittard Jersey Cocoa

Natural & Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder, Perfect for Crafting your own Ice Cream

Baking Chips

Guittard 10,000-Count Semisweet Chocolate Chips-min-min

To Incorporate Some “Bite” in your Creamy Treat

Mona Lisa Chocolate

Mona Lisa Chocolate Cross Selection


Fine Decor Chocolate 


Guittard Sweet Ground Chocolate Flavored Syrup

Chocolate, Caramel, & White Chocolate Offerings

Caramel Loaves

Peter's Caramel Loaf

Spruce Up your Confections with Pure Caramel

Cocoa Nibs

Guittard Cocoa Nibs

Loaded with Antioxidants, the Healthy Ice Cream Topping

easter egg icon100

World Wide Chocolate

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