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Lake Champlain Chocolate Bars

Lake Champlain Chocolate Bars

Some of the best things in life happen by accident - such is the case with Lake Champlain Chocolate Bars. In the early 1980s, Jim Lampman had a tradition of giving his employees at the Ice House restaurant what he considered to be "fancy" chocolates for the holidays. One day in 1983, Lampman's head chef spoke his mind about what he really thought of those so-called fancy chocolates, to which Lampman responded, "All right, then you do better!" And as they say, the rest is history. The talented head chef set to work creating a decadent batch of chocolate truffles that changed their lives forever. Within a year they had sold the restaurant and founded Lake Champlain Chocolates, a success that continues to this day.

World Wide Chocolate

You'll find something to suit every chocolate lover on this page thanks to World Wide Chocolate's commitment to bringing you the very best. For the environmentally conscious chocolate lover, there are Lake Champlain Organic Chocolate Bars. If something more small-batch is more your style, opt for Lake Champlain Signature Chocolate Bars. Whichever you choose, you're sure to be delighted by the decadence of Lake Champlain Chocolate Bars.

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