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Lake Champlain Chocolate Coins

We've all done things on a dare - but have you ever done something that changed your entire life? That's exactly what happened for the founder of Lake Champlain Chocolates. Jim Lampman was accustomed to giving his employees at the Ice House restaurant nice chocolates for the holidays, or at least what he considered to be nice chocolates. In 1983, Jim's head chef decided to speak his mind about these treats and tell Jim what he really thought. Jim's response? "All right, then you do better!" And that's exactly what the chef did. After tasting one of the mouthwatering hand-rolled truffles that the chef had created, Jim knew that they were on to something. A year later, the restaurant was sold and they were in the chocolate business.

World Wide Chocolate

This entrepreneurial spirit and desire for greatness continues to drive Lake Champlain Chocolate today, and is evident in Lake Champlain Chocolate Coins, a unique individually-wrapped delight created by the Vermont company. The coins come in dark chocolate, dark peppermint crunch and milk chocolate varieties, and make the perfect treat at the end of a long day or a great filler for a candy bowl at an office. World Wide Chocolate is proud to bring you Lake Champlain Chocolate Coins and many other delectable chocolate creations.

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