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Lake Champlain Gift Boxes

Lake Champlain Gift Boxes

Have you ever given a gift to someone that ended up actually changing your own life? Interestingly enough, that's what happened to spark the creation of Lake Champlain Chocolates. In the 1980s, Jim Lampman was the owner of the Ice House restaurant in Vermont, where he had a custom of giving his employees what thought were nice chocolates for the holidays. After a few years of this tradition, Jim's head chef decided to speak up and tell him that those chocolates weren't up to snuff. Jim, surprised by this news, told the chef, "All right, then you do better!" This challenge spurred the chef to create mouthwatering hand-rolled truffles that so impressed Jim, a year later he had sold the restaurant and they were officially in the chocolate business.

World Wide Chocolate

In a somewhat poetic twist, Lake Champlain Chocolate now offers their very own Lake Champlain Gift Boxes - and we're pretty sure Jim's employees are now very happy to receive these as holiday gifts. Each box contains a variety of Lake Champlain creations to please even the most discerning recipient - even if that recipient is yourself. World Wide Chocolate has truffle assortments, 15-piece chocolate selections and 30-piece chocolate selections to choose from, in addition to a wide variety of other Lake Champlain Chocolate delights.

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