Guido Gobino Classic Giandujotto

What is Giandujotto and what are Giandujotti? Is the confection different than “gianduja”? Or is it a blended product of its own? Where and when did Giandujotto first come to be? Read below to find out where the coveted blend originated.

Guido Gobino Maximo Giandujotto

What is Giandujotto:

Giandujotto, or Gianduiotto (plural: Giandujotti) is an original chocolate confection from Italy which was first crafted by Caffarel in 1865. It takes its name from Gianduja (which can be read about here: What is Gianduja?) and is a 10g wrapped piece of Gianduja for consumption and indulgement. The original blend was created using sugar, cocoa & hazelnuts from Langhe and is a world-renowned confection to this day. The hazelnuts are ground to a homogenous mixture and are added to the sugar and cocoa mixture before being extruded into the classic Giandujotto shape. When opening the wrapper, you will be met with a captivating aroma of cocoa and hazelnuts, which meets your palate with a smooth and silky taste involving all your senses.

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Guido Gobino Classic Giandujotto

The History

Giandujotto, as noted above, was first crafted by Paul Caffarel in 1865. Noted in What is Gianduja?, the reign of French Conqueror Napoleon imposed a severe import tax on non-French goods, which included cocoa. To mitigate the high cocoa cost, chocolate makers began experimenting with other ingredients, and Caffarel invented the first Giandujotto which included 28% hazelnuts and fine cocoa. The first-ever wrapped piece of chocolate was this velvety creation by Caffarel, and the name “Giandujotto” was derived from Gianduja, which was the traditional mask of Piedmont. Piedmont Hazelnuts are recognized by experts as being the best in the world to combine with cocoa, and after your first taste you will certainly be coming back for more.

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Giandujotto from the Finest Italian Makers

We are fortunate enough today to include luxury Giandujotto options from Domori & Guido Gobino, staying true to the original recipe from 1865.

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