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Milk Chocolate Bars

Milk Chocolate Bars

Milk chocolate, as is suggested by the name, differs from other chocolate because of the addition of milk to its recipe. The result is a sweeter, creamier and milder chocolate taste that has become wildly popular since its invention over 140 years ago. Milk chocolate is made with at least 10 percent chocolate liquor combined with cocoa butter and sugar. Then, milk is added in the form of liquid milk, milk powder or condensed milk. This gives milk chocolate its signature light and creamy taste. Milk chocolate is typically used for many of the same things that dark chocolate is. The extra sweetness present in milk chocolate makes it a great option for desserts and candy. Take a look at the World Wide Chocolate selection of milk chocolate bars to find a tasty treat that you're sure to love. These bars are all made with milk chocolate, but several have extra flavors added. They also vary in cocoa content and are made by premium chocolatiers.

World Wide Chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our milk chocolate bars. These gourmet chocolate bars are made by high-quality chocolate manufacturers such as Lindt, Michel Cluizel and Bonnat. Through these manufacturers we're able to provide premium French milk chocolate as well as Swiss milk chocolate. Our milk chocolate bars also come in a variety of cocoa contents and flavors. Choose from milk chocolate bars with 45 percent to 65 percent cocoa content. You can also choose between solid milk chocolate bars and chocolate bars with added ingredients such as hazelnuts and other delicious flavors. These chocolate bars are available in single packages as well as larger bulk packages. Order your chocolate in bulk if you'd like to take advantage of our wholesale pricing.

The gourmet chocolate available from World Wide Chocolate comes from chocolatiers around the world. It also features cocoa beans sourced from many different countries. All of the chocolate that we carry is of the highest quality and offered at competitive prices. Browse our selection to find some of the best domestic and international gourmet chocolates. Place your order to receive convenient shipping and courteous customer service.

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