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Molding Chocolate

If you are a candy maker or a pastry chef, chances are you'll encounter a recipe that requires molding chocolate. Molding chocolate is specifically made for use in chocolate molds for creating chocolate candy and special chocolate decorations. It is low-viscosity chocolate that isn't so thin that it pools in the bottom of the mold. The thickness is great enough that the chocolate nicely fills out molds and dries perfectly into the ideal candy shape. Simply melt this gourmet molding chocolate down to get started molding beautiful and delicious chocolate candies. Experiment with different chocolate molds and candy molds to see what kinds of creations you end up with. You can also freehand molded chocolate shapes in order to create lovely decorations for a cake or another type of dessert. You can use this premium molding chocolate to craft homemade peanut butter cups, filled chocolates or even chocolate bars. The possibilities are endless with a block of molding chocolate from World Wide Chocolate.

World Wide Chocolate

Our high-quality molding chocolate is made by premium chocolate manufacturers and provided to you at a great price by World Wide Chocolate. One of these manufacturers includes Guittard, one of the oldest chocolatiers in the United States. You can rest assured that all of our molding chocolate is of gourmet quality. These blocks of molding chocolate also come in a few different flavors. For example, we carry Guittard Molding Solitaire semisweet molding chocolate, which contains 63 percent cocoa. Another option is Guittard Molding Heritage milk chocolate molding chocolate, which contains 32.5 percent cocoa. Both of these molding chocolate options come in large chocolate blocks that can be cut down and melted for use.

Keep all of your chocolate needs covered by shopping the affordable gourmet chocolate products available from World Wide Chocolate. We carry all of the premium-quality chocolate you need to make delicious candy, pastries, cakes and many other kinds of chocolate desserts. Our collection includes domestic and imported chocolate from some of the best-known gourmet chocolatiers. Stop by and place a small personal order or order your chocolate in bulk to receive discounted wholesale pricing.

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