Healthcare Nominees

We started our healthcare recognition program with the intention of doing it for the first week of April. Then due to popular demand, we extended it through April 30th. However, we so enjoyed receiving and posting all of the tremendous notes of love and support being offered, we have kept the “board” open for posting and have continued to receive a wonderful outpouring of support for our heroic healthcare providers during these unprecedented times. Please take a few minutes to read through the inspiring stories of those that have and continue to serve us all through this horrific and on-going pandemic.

Our present plan is to keep the board open through the end of June, we will continue to select random recipients to receive WWC care packages throughout the month. At the end of June, we will officially close the submission form, and randomly select both a healthcare worker, and a nominee submitter, to each receive a $100 WWC gift card valid on all items sitewide.

To those of you that have remained home, we thank you for your sacrifices as well. To those transitioning back into “the new normal,” please be safe and protect yourself and others wherever possible. Please continue to submit your healthcare worker nominees and, thank you for recognizing their hard work and passion in these difficult times. To our nominees, please accept this small token of appreciation from the WWC community and a very grateful nation. Be safe, stay well & keep up the great work– we’re still all in this together!

Thank you to our nominees and all healthcare workers from a very grateful community.

Nominee recipients awarded by date as noted below highlighted in green. This page will be updated daily through July 1st!

Faith Butler, Denett Costin , Jessica Darting, Megan Langley, Bobbi Schomburg, Charlene Wallace & Liza Zinnecker

“These SEVEN women: Faith Butler, Denett Costin , Jessica Darting, Megan Langley, Bobbi Schomburg, Charlene Wallace & Liza Zinnecker are nurses /doctors. They also belong to the very first Midwest Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Racing Team. KC PINK WARRIORS founded in 2019 has 35 members, all cancer survivors. Every one of these ladies are strong amazing women that have fought that battle (some are still fighting it). Not only are these 7 are working at the hospitals or doctor offices during the Covid crisis, they also continue to help support & encourage the whole team both on & off the boat. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing group of women & so immensely proud of my Pink sisters that are taking care of others during this time of uncertainty. The love & compassion they have is extended to all the patients they take care of.” -D. Rieck

Marian Williams

“Marian Williams – 95 years old and loves chocolate. Marian has served as a board member at Alameda Meals on Wheels for 32 years, has been a volunteer case worker for over 10 years caring for our recipients, delivers meals on wheels three times a week for 30 years. Over that time, she has delivered over 46,100 meals. Now quarantining at home and I know would welcome a gift of chocolate! She gave incredible care to others and made it her goal to help others.” -R. Reilly

Anne Baird

“I would like to nominate Anne Baird who is a frontline OB nurse. She has worked countless hours during this pandemic. She is so caring to her patients and treats them Like family. And in a time where family visitors are limited in the hospital a RN like this is so important.” -C. Baird

Dr. Thalia Salinas

“Dr. Salinas has been working in the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC. She is currently a Fellow at New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell and is giving her all to help patients and colleagues overcome this unfortunate situation we are currently facing.” -M. Salinas

Marlene Miccolis

“After working 30 years at NY-Presbyterian hospital and retirement around the corner; Marlene continues to shine in the time when people need it the most. She always continues to put others needs in front of her own while keeping an upbeat spirit to give a sense of comfort in a time when it’s needed.” -J. Boydston

Patricia Zaums

“I would like to nominate Patricia Zaums as my Healthcare Hero. She has been working tirelessly during the covid pandemic to help out patients and others during this crisis.” D. Jr Gonzalez

Gleen Thomas

“I would like to nominate Gleen Thomas, Nurse clinical manager of Memorial West Emergency room, father of 3 boys. Always gives his time and energy to everyone else and never has time to relax for himself. An amazing man and leader to his staff he’s always making sure his staff of nurses are well taken care of. He’s a great example of what a leader should be. At home he takes care of his elderly mother and father. He spends his off days from work supporting his father’s business and landscaping for his dads company free of charge.”

Danielle St.Jean

“Danielle has been a dedicated Respiratory Therapist for more than 20 years. She is facing the most difficult challenge of her career. Mentally and physically exhausting. Thank you for considering her and thank you for supporting the healthcare community.” -J. St.Jean

Dr. Susi Whitworth

“I would like to nominate Dr. Susi Whitworth, the medical director of Infectious Diseases at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Whitworth has been instrumental in our healthcare system’s response for COVID-19. She works tirelessly 7 days/week to address concerns from administration, other physicians, clinical staff, support staff, and everyone else under the sun! Although she has been pushed to the extreme, she continues to have a positive attitude and remains calm in the midst of chaos, anxiety and uncertainty that surrounds her. She is a voice of reason and a true leader in this pandemic. Without her, we would be lost!” -M. Pence

Judy Walles

“I am nominating my mom, Judy Walles. My mom has been a Registered Nurse at Northwell Health Glen Cove for 43 years. In 2009, she was the recipient of the Zuckerberg Family Award for Nursing Excellence, which is awarded to a nurse at each Northwell Hospital that displays exemplary bedside manner & showcases what it means to be a nurse. She is always improving her knowledge & professional development by taking classes. Every day she heads to work with a smile on her face & loves what she does. But along with the good, there are challenges with being a nurse. My mom raised 4 young children while working nights, but never failed to show up to one of our games or competitions, even if that meant not sleeping. Being both a full-time nurse & a full-time mom is not something many could handle, but she made it look easy. In addition, due to all the physical labor & countless hours spent on her feet, she has had a knee repaired & most recently a hip replaced. It is important for her to take care of her personal mental & physical health. After shifts she attends exercise classes & enjoys walks with my father. Chocolate would be the perfect gift, because not only is it her favorite but she usually enjoys a little treat at night after a long day at the hospital. Right now, she is facing one of the scariest & toughest times of her entire career. She is one of the many healthcare heroes working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. She has seen her friends get sick just from working in the hospital, as well as patients losing their battle, & she still does not show any fear or give up hope. She shows up & will continue to, because as she says, “I was made for this.” In a profession where nurses focus on patients, it’s important for us to turn the attention toward them for once & recognize them for all they do. They are the life & soul of the healthcare profession, providing comfort, kindness, & care to patients every day & that is exactly why I am nominating my mom.” -K. Walles

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 18th

Nicolette Almanzar RN

“Thinking of you” -S. Renner

Jasmine Erica Paragas

“I am currently a pediatric/PICU nurse at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ. Our unit recently had to close and was converted to an adult ICU for COVID-19 positive patients. As you can imagine, the transition was rather quick and frightening. In the beginning, I was very anxious because with children, there are numerous differences in the care versus older adults. Calculations of medications, what certain comorbidities can have an effect on the care you provide; the list goes on. However, as the days go we have had the strength and perseverance to continue forward to help all those who are sick as well as the family members who are unable to be by their family member’s side. During this tough time, I have gone through obstacles physically and mentally, that I wasn’t prepared for. To go from taking care of the beginning days of tiny humans all the way to the last breaths of some elderly patients. This peloton bike would allow me to unwind and be able to stay active while still fighting on the battlefield of COVID-19 safely. It has been hard in New Jersey with taking precautions and also protecting those around me. For any of us healthcare workers, having a clear-mind, remaining cool, calm, and collected for those that we love and continue to care for. That is why we keep moving forward. I am proud to be a nurse and I thank you so much for supporting us healthcare workers.” -J. E. Paragas

Katy Biscone

“I nominate Katy Biscone. Katy worked on Wall St, then she & her husband, Scott moved to CT to raise their 3 kids. When her youngest, Billy was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) she went back to school to become a nurse, in order to better support his needs. Billy lost his battle with SMA at age 12, about a year after his father past. Since then, Katy has been working as an ICU nurse at Bridgeport Hospital supporting her two daughters. She risks her life every time she walks into work, yet never complains. She feels her training has made it her responsibility to help now. Please recognize Katy for her sacrifice!” -M. Macri

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 16th

Michell Benrath & Karen Axten

“I’d like to nominate BOTH of my sisters! Michelle Benrath is a nurse practitioner in San Francisco sewing and treating covid patients. My sister in law is Karen Axten, a hematology and oncology doc at Boston Medical Center taking care if the sickest and most fragile patients. Thank you!!!” -S. B.

Monica Ochoa, David Lancaster and Mayra Ramirez

“Our lab leaders Monica Ochoa, David Lancaster and Mayra Ramirez work tirelessly every day to keep our Stanford Blood Center operating and supplying the Stanford Hospital and surrounding area Hospitals with life saving blood products. They often work twelve hour days and come in on weekends to assure the work gets done. Last week was National Lab Week and our lab leaders did not forget to honor our line staff in the midst of this Corona Virus pandemic. We appreciate their dedication to this important life saving work and their respect and acknowledgement of the hard working line staff. Our lab leaders are chocolate lovers and truly deserving of a Chocolate Care package.”

John Case, Nursing Home RN

“John became a nurse after a career as a cabinet maker and raising 2 children. He is now dealing with patients who are both physically and mentally impaired and have the COVID 19 virus. He provides the same highly professional care to his patients every night weather or not they are contagious. He is my hero of this pandemic.” -J. Berek

Katrina Waters

“I nominate my wife, Katrina. She is an ER nurse at Community Memorial Hospital and Defiance regional Hospital. I think her and all of her coworkers have done a phenomenal job of covering all the extra hours for this pandemic. She is a mother of four and comes home to help the kids with their online schooling. She is involved with a program called ‘stop the bleed,’ which provides area schools with supplies and training for what they need to do if there is a school shooting. She is also involved in a church program called, “called to care” which specializes in assisting foster families and aged out foster kids. They help provide graduation and Christmas parties and baskets of home supplies when they get their first apartment or home. They also have a clothing closet that they have for foster kids or families in the community that need extra help. She’s a hard worker and loves chocolate! This would be awesome for her to win.” -S. Waters

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 14th

Carol Spada

“Carol Spada – my wife has worked at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital for 30 years as a respiratory therapist. The last two months she has been in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic often working six to seven 12 hour shifts in a row due to the overwhelming number of patients. The hospital at times has had over 100 patients on ventilators and the staff has been working with minimal equipment. Because of the shortage of N95 masks Carol for two weeks had to work with the same mask until new supplies arrive. Working in the medical intensive care unit means that she does not have a spare minute to herself. She eats lunch on the go when she can. While the doctors and nurses are getting much of the accolades respiratory therapists like Carol are carrying the bulk of the load of helping patients survive.” -D. Spada

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 30th

Shannon McGinley

“She is an MRI tech who has been working through the entire pandemic. She has to do direct patient care to patients who often come in coughing and sick. She has had positive COVID patients get scans. She is amazing because she works full-time, has two young boys, homeschools when she gets home, cooks, cleans, mows the lawn (recently replaced her bathroom fan!) She is a rockstar and I love her!” -S. Beshures

Deborah Castile PAC

“Caring for and keeping all our truckers healthy and safe. Her clinic is open 24-7 to Help keep truckers and DOTs workers on the road. Dedicated, caring, and totally committed To keep America on the move.” -E. Castile

Dr. Ronald Gelzer

“Thank you for your provision health care to the uninsured and under-insured. Your insight and forward provisions to create a standard of healthcare for all saved lives before COVID-19. We the community love you and thank you” -O. Elmore

Abbey Londa

“Though only a student in the Pharmacy program at University of Illinois, Chicago, she is learning how to help the community as a healthcare professional. She has volunteered at AIDS clinic and is currently working, while going to school full-time, in the oncology department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Patients who are battling cancer are some of the most immune-compromised patients at any hospital. Those working with them, have to be exceptionally careful as even the common cold can have deadly consequences to these patients. Abbey, and her colleagues, take this very seriously. While many young-adults her age, are still gathering together, having parties, and many other risky activities, regardless of shelter-in-place orders. She and the others in their program, are speaking out about how selfish the people are who continue with these behaviors, and explain to those the tragic consequences their behavior can have. Most 20-somethings never give a second of thought about their actions, but the students volunteering at the university hospitals always keep it at the top of their minds and are exceptionally careful when they leave their homes. They are an inspiration to the rest of us, and, hopefully, to their peers.” -L. Leeds

Michelle S.

“I’d love to nominate my friend Michelle S. who is a Labor and Delivery Nurse in Orlando, FL. She is 6 months pregnant, a mother of a toddler, a full-time nurse-midwife grad student, and works full-time as a nurse delivering babies. Her days are unbelievably long right now, and the mothers she’s working with are scared and exhausted as well. I would love her to win this and help perk up her day.” -A. Parkin

Alex and Kylie Baren

“My son and daughter in law Alex and Kylie Baren are newlyweds on the frontlines in St Agnes and Sinai hospitals in Maryland. They met in PA school and are passionate ,kind loving people who always put others first and are dedicated to their patients everyday and especially during this pandemic. I would love to sweeten their day with your delicious chocolates. They love chocolate. Thank you so much for acknowledging their hard work and all of the healthcare providers.” -R. Baren

Kelly Mendello

“I would like to nominate my co-worker Kelly, she is working in NYC on the frontlines taking care of COVID19 cancer patients! she goes above and beyond for all her patients! she deserves a chocolate care package!” -E. Blasone

Sarita Nori

“She is my best friend from medical school and is a practicing dermatologist who is volunteering her time to do overnight shifts at the Hope hospital in Boston to help take care of covid patients” -J. Lin

Janice Azzurro

“My Mom Janice is one of the most amazing people I know. She’s a palliative or end-of-life care nurse. We haven’t been able to see her in over a month because she’s been working in the hospital doing end-of-life care for Covid patients. My children, my husband, and I miss her immensely. I would like to nominate her to receive a chocolate care package for being an amazing person and amazing nurse. Thank you” -B. Azzurro

Angela Espinosa

“Thinking of you” -M. Borne

Stephanie Nagi

“Steff if you are reading this I nominated you as a health care worker to receive a gift of appreciation. Stay safe and enjoy the chocolate. Hugs.” -S. Bahr

Dr. Joanna Turner Bisgrove

“Dr. Joanna Turner Bisgrove is a family doctor outside Madison Wisconsin who is very active with the AMA and works to better the lives of her patients and other medical professionals. She had COVID-19 and the minute she was cleared to return to work, she did.” -O. Gillett

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 15th

Delaney Becker RN

“Thank you.” -S. Glauben

William Russell

“My husband William Russell is a health care professional. He is a Respuratory therapist and has been going to work to help and treat people effected by the virus and other breathing issues.” -J. Russell

Angela Metcalf

“Angela is my daughter. She is an ER charge nurse outside of Houston, TX. Throughout this crisis, she has taken on extra shifts and maintained the highest protocols at her hospital while also caring for her 2-year old and 6 month old. She is a hero of the highest caliber, and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts.”

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 16th

Kim Law

“Kim Law is an ICU nurse at Boston University Medical Center that has been caring for COVID19 patients for over 3 weeks now with no end in sight. She works evenings (7pm-7am) and has been working extra shifts to cover the needs of her patients. Fortunately, the supply of PPEs has been adequate and extra sanitizing protocol is being taken not only at the hospital but also at home to protect her family as well. This pandemic is taking a physical as well as an emotional toll on all the essential workers who do their best to keep many of us safe. The thought of a WWC care package arriving at her door I am sure would bring a smile to her face. Thank you WWC for acknowledging healthcare workers.” -K. A. Lai

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 14th

Mark Zaragoza

“Respiratory Therapist, Ontario, CA He goes to work everyday on the frontline to take care of those that are in need during this time. Even knowing how dangerous things are he puts aside all of that to do what is needed to help others. Thank you!!” -M. Moreno

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 22nd

Tia Kerrigan

“Helping those most vulnerable. I love you.” -M. Wright

Donald Danlag

“Donald Danlag – taking shifts for other coworkers so they can spend more time safe at home. Sending daily updates and funny photos to reassure his young niece. Selfless.” -E. Smith

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 22nd

Dr. Stephen McDonough

“Dr. Steve is the best pediatrician and has been for over 40 years. Thanks for all the help you have given to the kids in our community. He is nick named the fix- it Doc. When other doc’s can’t figure out what is wrong he is there to dig in and figure out what is going on.”

Dr. Nicholas Restrepo

“Dr. Restrepo is administration at our local health system. He was instrumental in getting a respiratory clinic started for the community. He was always available to answer questions. It was not unusual to be on a call late at night with him so that he could make sure he was doing the best for the community. No matter how stressed he was he was always calm and easy to talk to. Our community is so fortunate to have him during this time.” -L. Shirley

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 15th

7E Nurses at Mayo Clinic Arizona

“They came to work one day and their unit was automatically selected to be the COVID-19 floor, rather than create fuss they worked together for the community and focused on the needs of the patient coming first. They worked together to create a safe environment and educated each other’s on proper PPE usage and watch each other back each shift. Their team work is outstanding and a true inspiration. Thank you!” -M. Zielinski

Stephanie Baselice

“Stephanie is a nurse anesthetist in New York City. She works at a premier cancer hospital. She is responsible for intubating cancer patients daily for surgery and procedures. She has to support these patients at a time when they are not to have any family members visit and be with them. She’s also putting herself at risk every time she has to secure a patients airway for surgery that knowing if they are infected with the Covid-19 virus. It is a very stressful time for her worrying about getting sick herself. I know this chocolate would help and be a pick me up for her.”

Patricia Hametz

“Patricia Hametz — pediatrician, selflessly working on the “front lines” in the Bronx, as her ward has been repurposed for all patients suffering from covid-19. In out family chocolate is the preferred ‘health food,’ and she could certainly use some now.” -M. Webb

Eddie Rodriguez, LPN

“Eddie Rodriguez, LPN left the comfort of his home in North Carolina to go south to help elderly patients battling Covid-19.”

Matthew Mangone

“A nurse at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. When we reached out to Matt to check on him, give him our best wishes etc. his response was “Honestly, it’s the job I signed up for, not exactly what any of us expected when we did, but still our job.” Just that one sentence alone shows me that Matt and everyone he works with are heroes. Matt will be cross-trained to be an ICU nurse since his floor in the hospital was converted into an ICU floor. The quick learning that will need to be done is truly impressive. Yes they went to nursing school to learn all this and yes he’s taking doctorate of nursing courses to further his knowledge, but school doesn’t prepare you for the real life situations that you never thought were possible in modern medicine, only in horror films. I have a new found respect for Matt and nurses and doctors. They all deserve a year off after this but that won’t happen because life goes on and even as this continues and comes to an end, they still have to manage the everyday life medical cases that arise outside of COVID-19.” -T. Hillegass

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 2nd

Dr. Laurence Busse

“I would like to nominate my husband-Dr. Laurence Busse. He is the director of an ICU north east of Atlanta. he has been tirelessly devoted to ongoing patent care, securing supplies, planning for patient surges, creating more capacity in his hospital, and being a rock of support for his entire team from the other doctors to the nurses, techs, and janitors. He certainly would feel treated and special to be recognized by your company.” -L. Busse

Mila Sergeyev

“An emergency room nurse in Chicago area. She’s been overworked, exhausted, under protected (using the same N95 face mask for the last 2 weeks) and still does her job and has enough sense of humor to joke about it. She is my best friend and I am in awe of her! We’ve shared chocolate for almost 15 years and she needs a WWC care package.” -Tanya BW

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 3rd

Dr. Julian Bandura

“Thinking of you.” -A. Lazaro

Dr. Alan Brightman

“My French bulldog’s eye specialist. Despite himself being at serious risk for contracting Covid-19, he still goes to work helping our communities beloved pets. He should have retired decades ago, but he doesn’t want our pets to needlessly suffer. He and his team are selflessly caring as we go through this crisis. I usually bake them a special treat, but can’t with all the precautions we’re all taking.” -D. Wrigley

Mary Breen

“Working tirelessly at Boston’s Children Hospitals. Thank you Mary for all the work you are doing at BCH – I know how intense every day is and want you to know everyone is here for support – don’t hesitate to ask for anything – constantly thinking of you.” -Rob

Dr. Eran Rotem

“Thinking of you.” -L. Levy

Kade Quarles

“You deserve a big thank you for being on the front line in these trying times.” -F. Reuter

Margie Barrero

“I’d like to nominate Margie Barrero, who works as an RN in labor and delivery (3B) at County-USC Medical Center. There are so many amazing doctors working on the “front lines,” helping to treat people affected with COVID-19, but Margie and her coworkers are also doing something truly special — safely bringing new life into the world during this pandemic. They are now clad with face masks and shields but still offer comfort, love and care to new parents in the Los Angeles area. Margie so loves her job of 29 years (which she took right after graduating nursing school) that she is often posting about her coworkers on social media. Her favorite newborn, however, is undoubtedly her new grandson, Nate, whom she and her husband, Jim (my coworker), are head-over-heels for and are saddened to only get to FaceTime with while self-isolating like the rest of California. But no matter how late her hours or how tough things are right now, Margie always has a smile on her face and is always spreading happiness. I think she and her coworkers would love this sweet surprise.” -A. Ricardi

Cindy Walp

“Thank you.” -A. Mow

Kristina Castro

“Working constantly to battle this coronavirus.” -J. Tsao

Tina Mcgroarty

Nurse practitioner in Pennsylvania

Gloria Quiroz

“She is a RN at St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, AZ. She has been a nurse at the same hospital for 42 years. She goes to work everyday through this pandemic with a smile on her face. She works 12-16 hour shifts and never complains! She is such a wonderful and caring nurse and human being! If anyone deserves this she does!” -R. Silva-Quiroz

Lauren Heiman

“Kelly is an Exercise Physiologist and works in the Cardiac Rehab Clinic of Texas Health Resources. She has been faced with the same issues many other healthcare providers are experiencing – not having appropriate PPE . Regardless, she’s been working face-to-face with patients – a majority of them senior citizens – to keep the community healthy. She puts herself and her family at risk every day in order to provide the best healthcare possible. She shows up to work cheerful and in good spirits, and provides much needed joy to her coworkers and patients. Heart problems don’t stop just because there’s a global pandemic, so her work doesn’t either.” -L. Heiman

Daniel Schaer MD

“I’d like to nominate Daniel Schaer MD of Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Since the pandemic started he has done nothing but care for the most critically ill covid-19 patients, in a state institution that sees a significant population of medically underserved patients. During that time he has had to social distance from his wife in their apartment. He has been tested 5 times and thankfully remains negative.” -V. Sloan

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 25th

Yarelis Wilson

“Yarelis Wilson is the nurse manager of a medical ICU at one of our state’s largest, tertiary care hospitals. When the pandemic hit, Yarelis’ department was designated as the department to care for the COIVD-19 patients, additionally, she then needed to take on managing other departments, because volume of COVID-19 patients expanded beyond what her department could hold. Yarelis, even contracted the virus herself, but maintained a positive attitude & was fully committed to supporting her staff & caring for their patients during this unprecedented time. As a RN myself, I would love to have a manager like Yarelis. Fortunately, the cases in our state are declining; now it is time to celebrate & support the hard work that was put in.” -M. Flugrad

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 24th

Stephanie Rivera, RN

“Stephanie has worked throughout the covid pandemic and does do with a smile on her face. She loves helping children in the PEDs section on the ER but since covid she has been working at the annex where the possible covid cases are. She is a real hero.” -E. Amaya


“Her name is Brittany. Not only is she raising a 9 year old with type one diabetes, she also is helping me raise my one year old daughter. If that wasn’t enough to make her super mom, after taking care of all of us she goes to work the do blood draws on COVID patients. She’s out to save the world. She deserves something nice!” -K. Schepp

Wesley Galland

“I’d like to honor my friend and outstanding nurse mentor, Wesley Galland for a chocolate care package because he is so sweet. He gives unconditionally and rarely accepts a gift in return. I’d like to anonymously send him a care package to thank him for all he does for our healthcare community. Thank you!!!” -H. McDonald

Eileen Mccleary

“The new catch phrases are front line, heros, thats true all the time. Its just now people notice it. Eileen has been a hero to most who know her from working tirelessly in doctors office, nursing homes and now as implant coordinator in the operating room Northwell LIJ. She has always put others first, making sure the patients have a safe, and caring environment. Her regular work hours are a parameter but if needs are not met she will work past her time, not complaining, ensureing the job is complete. She works tirelessly but always,always with a positive attitude, that includes compassion and kindness to co-workers and patients alike. If anyone deserves support or an award for being a professional and positive influence in and out of work. She gets my vote for a worker to reward.” -J. Gratta

Cindy Hong

“Thinking of you” -D. Hong

Winnie Llave, RN

“I would like to nominate my wife Winnie Llave, RN. She is a nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC. She has been going to work everyday at her hospital and taking care of patients. She has treated many patients in her career. She has been going to work everyday until she got sick from COVID-19 on 4/2. Her whole unit started to get sick from treating patients she was sick for more than 2 weeks. She went back to work at the hospital 4/22. She went back to work to help her coworkers and patients. During this time during the pandemic she has also helped a family friend who lost 4 people to COVID raised money for this family to help with funeral costs. My wife is amazing wife and mother of our 2 children, she also volunteers to teach Sunday school at our church. She risks her health everyday by going to work. She deserves to be treated like a hero.” -R. Llave

Emily Firtb

“Thinking of you” -B. Barth

Joseph Zucconi

“I would like to proudly nominate my husband Joe who has worked tirelessly as a physical therapist at a nursing home in NYC. He works everyday rehabilitating covid patients. Joe is the example of what a healthcare professional should be and both his patients and family are lucky to have him.” -R. Zucconi

Elizabeth Gretkierewicz

“My fiancé’s name is Elizabeth Gretkierewicz and she is as a Registered Nurse working on the frontlines. We will hopefully be getting married October 23, 2020. I say hopefully because as a Registered Nurse Liz has experienced firsthand how uncertain the COVID-19 pandemic has made all our lives. Working on an intensive care unit (ICU) in Metro Detroit during the COVID-19 pandemic, Elizabeth has had to endure one the most difficult experiences of her life. My fiancé is use to busy nights caring for critically ill patients, but treating patients with COVID-19 has presented her and her coworkers with unique challenges. For example; with the shortage of mask and other personal protective equipment Liz and her colleagues do not have the proper protection to care for these critically sick patients. They are at risk of becoming ill themselves and not being able to provide the care that their patients so desperately need. In addition to the lack of PPE there are also shortages of other essential resources needed to care for these patients such as ventilators, and medications, and as I alluded to before even medical staff. After people learned about these challenges the outpouring support from the community for healthcare workers has been amazing and inspiring. As people have so generously given their time and supplies, Elizabeth selflessly gave much of her free time to her patients and community. She expressed to me that she wanted to give back outside of her normal job as a nurse to those in my community who also needed help. Liz found one of those opportunities through her hospital’s Chaplain. The Chaplain and my fiancé were able to contact a local food bank in Pontiac, MI called Dream Centers and volunteer their time preparing, packaging, and distributing food items to hundreds of Southeastern Michigan families who were in need. Another selfless act of philanthropy Liz demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic was brought to my attention in early April. Some of her elderly patients who were discharged from the hospital were in need of meal assistance. Elizabeth called over ten different food programs around the Detroit Metro to gather more information about how her and her hospital could assist these seniors and make sure that they had their most basic need met. Elizabeth was able to find several programs that would deliver meals to these patients in quarantine, and one who would even provide wellness check-in calls. She was even able to get one of the programs to agree to change their policies so that they could drop the meals off without physical contact. With all these great resources in place my fiancé created a flier with the contact information for these programs so that workers at her hospital could distribute it to seniors who were being discharge and did not have a support system at home. In these difficult times I’ve been amazed at the work that my fiancé and her coworkers have accomplished. My fiancé is a true, selfless hero that would do anything for any of her patients, coworkers, friends, and family. That’s why I was so inspired to see the World Wide Chocolate giveaway. It’s an amazing gesture from World Wide Chocolate and I know it would mean so much to my future wife and many other lucky healthcare heroes who are chosen. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!” -Z. Rodriguez

Kerry Maloney

“I have been working with Kerry for 13 years now. We are simply known as “the Kerry’s”. As acute care nurses we have grown to depend on each other’s knowledge, skill and most importantly support over the years. Now that our unit is a designated COVID floor we continue to lean on each other to navigate through these emotionally and demanding times. We also have two senior boys that should be graduating and enjoying their senior year of high school. All of these events take such an emotional toll on you and I don’t know what I would do if Kerry wasn’t my coworker and more importantly my friend. That is why I would like to nominate Kerry Maloney, RN.” -K. DeGloria

Christina Defusco

“I am nominating Christina Defusco because she has showed incredible strength and dedication during this difficulty time. She is an ICU nurse at Boston Medical Center and has been taking care of critical patients with COVID19 34 hours per week. She is taking it so seriously and has sacrificed seeing her own boyfriend, friends, and family during this time. She has still maintained a positive attitude throughout all of this while also juggling with graduate school online. Her selflessness and dedication to her patients, many who have died, during this time period is truly inspiring.” -I. Gwynne

“My sister is a CNA at green tree nursing home in Mt. Vernon, IL. She has been working endlessly to care for over 70 COVID positive patients and employees all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in nursing school to become a RN.” -M. Bock

Dr. Paul Blackburn, Emergency Room, Maricopa County Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for being one of the committed, patient-oriented doctors sacrificing your own safety and that of your family to serve the people of Arizona. YOU ROCK” -R. M. Williams

Judi Satagaj

“She is my mom and she is a Critical Care Nurse. Two years ago she moved from Critical Care to Surgery and when COVID-19 hit she jumped right into action. She began helping out on the Critical Care unit in her hospital and started working 12 shifts and going in to work more frequently then normal. My mom is the strongest and bravest woman I’ve ever known I love her so much and can’t wait for the days that she can stay home and I can see my mom again. She is my hero.” -S. Satagaj

“I would like to nominate my mom, who’s been back at nursing despite injuring her leg a few weeks prior to the outbreak. If you receive this, I hope that you’ll share with all the other wonderful RNs on your floor. You’re a true powerhouse. Don’t give up; you’ve got this!” -J. Santiago

Lauren Bricker

“My daughter is an ICU nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA. When she graduated nursing school 4 years ago, she took her first position in the ER, but in time she wanted to move to ICU because she wanted to help really sick people. Since then she has shared stories of patients that donated their organs, and all of the lives that were saved. There have been sad and happy stories, but none like the ones coming this past month. When the virus really started spreading in Washington, she had just returned from a visit to AZ. Her first day back on the job they sent her to the ER to help, and I remember her calling that evening after her shift and she was really scared. She said she came home and stripped in her backyard, then went inside and took a long shower. The next day she was in the ICU, and she was starting to adjust. She was confident that the hospital was providing great barrier protection for their staff. I remember receiving a picture she sent with a helmet mask on and full gown coverage, assuring us she was safe. She then shared that it had been a long day because her patient in the ICU was the sickest in the hospital. Another day she shared that she helped one of her older patients with the virus facetime his wife on her IPAD. In all of this she has not complained one bit. Even though she is enduring long hours, and a new illness they are learning about as the says go on, she remains positive and goes to work knowing she is doing what she loves and what she does best.” -J. Bricker

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 29th

Melissa Livolsi

“Thinking of You” -L. Livolsi

Dr. David Putrino

“Dr. David Putrino is Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, USA, and the Director of Rehabilitation and Innovation for the largest health network in New York. Like so many workers he’s been in on the front line non-stop, helping kids especially and healthcare workers, setting up break rooms, making sure people who are isolated stay connected and more — including getting them care packages. He, and all the health care workers, are certainly the reason we may get through this” -C. A. Marchegiani

“My daughter works in Emerson Hospital in Concord MA. Although she works in labor and delivery, she has been exposed to 5 fellow nurses with Covid-19 and an occasional pregnant delivering mother with it as well. Through all this, she continues to work many extra shifts as they are short-handed, without thinking of the risk to herself, her husband and 3 boys. She is very compassionate toward her patients and always treats them as she would like to be treated. For 6 weeks she had to work without any PPE, since there was a shortage of masks. She is very brave.” -J. Riessle

Kimberly LeMay

“Kimberly LeMay is a nurse working booth as a discharge planner and a redeployed RN on a COVID-19 positive step-down unit. Not only does she have her challenges at home with homeschooling two kids (one with a behavior/emotional issues), finishing up her APRN she still cares about taking care of those who are ill and advocating for their needs.” -G. McMahon

Thomas Wolfgang

“I nominate Thomas Wolfgang, because he is working on a shorthanded team. He works for a non profit Medical Health Center and comes home to crash. It’s a stressful time and to not even be fully staffed is hard. He could use a HUGE surprise/Pick-me-up such as this.” -K. Wolfgang

Oralia G.

“I would like to nominate Oralia G. a Nurse Practitioner and Healthcare Hero in Houston, TX. She has worked through the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and now working through this current pandemic. She is a true team player and works hard for all of her patients.” -B. Andaya

Lauren B.

“Lauren is working as an intern at a local hospital in Overland Park Kansas! Not only is she on the front lines, but she is in tons of hard classes. I have never heard her complain when she gets up early to go to work! She deserves so much!” -L.

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 27th

Monica Ochoa, David Lancaster and Mayra Ramirez

“Monica Ochoa, David Lancaster and Mayra Ramirez are the frontline Stanford Blood Center Management Team working 12 hour days to keep our staff safe and the blood supply available for our local Hospitals.” -M. De Souza

Michael Stark

“Michael is an amazing and inspiring doctor as well as one of the most compassionate people in the universe. We appreciate his continued care of others while monitoring his wife’s delicate condition at home.” -M. Stark

Minnesota Medical School Dean, Dr. Jakub Tolar.

“No one is more deserving of a WWC Care Package than our University of Minnesota Medical School Dean, Dr. Jakub Tolar. Dr. Tolar has partnered with government, industry, philanthropy, state citizens and the entire University of MN community to foster safety, calm, purpose and hope as we prepare at all levels to take on COVID19. We need more leaders like him (and we need more willing followers like he has generated!). Thank you.” -M. E. Steiner


“I would like to Nominate Thomas who works for Family Health Center in IT. He is the one in the background working, and keeping the tech up and running so everything else flows.” -K. Wolfgang

Dr. Ralph Mohty

“To Dr Ralph Mohty for taking care of critically ill COVID19 patients.” -Z. Iyamah

Dr. Vanitha Seethappan & Dr. Victoria Lee

“Dr. Vanitha Seethappan, an OBGYN at MedStar Montgomery in Olney, Maryland. Dr. Victoria Lee, a Pediatrician at Olney Pediatrics in Olney, Maryland.” -N. Usmani

Kallie & Ali

“Kallie is a nurse in Nashville, TN. She works on an inpatient chemotherapy floor and very often helps patients and their families navigate terminal illness and end of life care. As a nurse myself, this to me has got to be one of the most difficult and emotionally taxing patient populations to work with, but Kallie has always managed it with a smile on her face and a determined attitude to make each patient’s day better. Now that COVID 19 has hit Nashville hard, Kallie’s patients, who typically have weakened immune systems due to chemotherapy, are even more at risk for contracting infections. It is a stressful and scary time for these patients, and, in turn, for Kallie as well, as a large part of her job is providing emotional support to her patients. None the less, she is handling the COVID crisis like the rockstar that she is and still arrives to work with a smile and a positive attitude every day. Ali is a medical resident in Nashville, as well. Because of the ever changing medical needs of the Nashville community during the COVID crisis, Ali is part of the healthcare team that has been mobilized to assist with screening and treatment efforts. This can be very stressful, as the situation changes day by day and Ali does not know from one day to the next if she will be in the clinic she is familiar with or placed in a new location with a patient population she’s never worked with before. Many doctors and nurses are being pulled out of their comfort zone during this time, and is very easy to let anxiety take over and to adopt a bad attitude in a situation like this. But Ali has taken this situation and handled it with such grace and confidence. Not once has she complained or expressed anything but a positive attitude and that is something I admire so much. Most important of all, both of these girls love chocolate and I know that nothing would provide them with a moral boost better than a care package from WWC 🙂 Thank you!” -M. Frerichs

Dawn Adams, RN

“My aunt, my godmother, my hero. A few months away from retirement, she has spent her career in an inner city hospital. Every day during this crisis I check in with her and her texts are never about herself. They’re about how her fellow nurses, lab techs, and doctors are faring in the face of uncertainty. She has never complained about the lack of PPE, though I know that she is terrified as a mother, grandmother, and someone in her sixties. She is doing the best she can and takes her oath and commitment seriously. After a week of wearing the same N95 mask, her joy was not at getting a new mask – it was sharing a story of an 85-year-old patient on her charge that was getting released after being treated for the Coronavirus. Her excitement was palpable and true. She is on the front lines and she has cared for everyone throughout this crisis. I believe that she, and everyone else at LGH, could use a surprise of chocolate to show some gratitude during this unprecedented time.” -K. Puzniak

Lily Higgins RN

“Lily you are truly a hero for putting your health and life at risk to save the lives of others during this pandemic. “Not all heroes wear capes, mine wear scrubs” Keep your head up, we can and will get through this!” -M. Mcmanus

Lauren Karbowski

“Lauren Karbowski is an ICU working at Margaret Mary Hospital in Batesville, IN. This area has been hit surprisingly hard with COVID-19 patients and Lauren is making the ultimate sacrifice by taking care of these patients while she has 3 little kids at home. She is extremely compassionate and caring to these patients. I would love to send her a care package during this time as a thank you / pick-me-up. Thank YOU for supporting healthcare workers during this time!!” -M. Thrower

Dr. Anthony Fauci

“Thank you Dr. Fauci (Tony) for your sacrifices, integrity, and strong backbone. I do not know where this country would be without you. Thank you.” -N. Desiderio

Elliot M Frohman, MD

“Elliot M Frohman, MD You work non-stop to ensure care is provided to everyone. Thank you!” -N. Desiderio

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 17th

David Chong and the Incredible staff at the Columbia Presbyterian ICU in NYC

“Thank you for all that you do and for your tireless effort in this incredibly difficult time. We appreciate your hard work and wish you safety and health until this is under control. You are incredible super-heros and super-heroines and the entire world thanks you for your devotion.” -K. Cole

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 6th

Kelsey Vihnanek

“An ICU nurse in the Chicago suburbs. Kelsey is dedicated to providing the best care to her patients. She has lost a few patients this week to COVID-19. Many of these patients are alone at the end of their life as visitors are not allowed in the hospital.” -M. L. Cash

Carly Dominguez

“Nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston. Thinking of you!” -N. Dominguez

Eric Moon

“Thank you Eric for being our hero in the front lines of this pandemic. You deserve an extra dose of appreciation as we battle this enemy.”

Marie Fullmer

“Marie Fullmer is an excellent nurse. She is an RN who makes it to work everyday on time to take care of people and loves chocolate.” -M. Williams

Crystal Taylor

“An emergency room nurse at Flagler hospital in St. Augustine, FL. I’m worried about her. Thank you for offering this kind recognition of the work our doctors and nurses do.” -L. Davis

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 1st

Kimberlee Anderson

“Thinking of you.” -S. Holm

Leanne Tweedy

“Single mom who adopted a Chinese toddler last year. Her daughter has a number of physical health issues. Leanne is an OR nurse.” -S. Holman

Katherine Hixenbaugh

“Katherine Hixenbaugh- nursing assistant and nursing student (graduating in 2021) working full time in the emergency department at Geisinger Holy Spirit and actively participating in screening COVID19 process. The emergency department at GHS has been instrumental in responding to the COVID19 crisis; also, she’s a daughter of me…a registered nurse, and I’m super proud of her career choice. She’s worked in the ER since she turned 18. She’s now 21…” -J. Hixenbaugh

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 6th

Carla Suson RN, BSN

“Thank you for all that you do. You’ve been such a great example and make me want to be an RN like you in the future. Stay safe. I love you sis!” -A. Suson

Zachary Kasperek, MD

“For keeping me calm while you are a state away and for what you do for the ER every single day.” -M. Kasperek

Melissa McKittrick

“Melissa McKittrick for risking her personal safety to help those with COVID in Nashville as part of the COVID airway team.” -M. Zapf

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 3rd

Dr. Michael O’Connor

“Dr. Michael O’Connor is in charge of the University of Chicago Hospitals’ efforts to treat critically-ill patients infected by the coronavirus. He has been working nonstop for the past month (+) and I’m sure he would share the care package with the women and men who are working alongside him on the front lines.” -C. Polsky MD

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 1st

Dr. May Mohty

“Thank you Dr Mohty for all your selfless work in the urgent care to take care of sick patients including those who have tested positive for Coronavirus.”

Dr. Patrick Conaboy

“Dr. Conaboy is the CMO for our three area hospitals. He has been working round the clock for the last three weeks taking care of all healthcare providers, patients and setting protocol to handle the influx affected COVID-19 patients. These are uncertain times for Dr. Conaboy but the one certain thing I know about Dr. Conaboy is he LOVES chocolate.” -K. Moran

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 7th

Dr. Sajad Mir

“I would like to nominate my uncle, Dr. Sajad Mir. Dr. Mir endures the incredible duties in saving others’ lives during this pandemic as a cardiologist with additional certifications in Nuclear Cardiology, Echocardiography, and Cardiac CT. His passion and concern for the care he gives really shows; as one patient commented, ‘[He] talked with me about my health concerns and past tests’ results. He does a great job explaining in detail my heart health.’ For patients moderately and severely stricken with COVID-19, as well as those with chronic medical conditions, Dr. Mir has arranged for transfusions using convalescent plasma that have antibodies against the virus- a promising intervention demonstrating more consistent and better responses among the different things tried thus far. When he is not listening to the concerns and answering questions of his patients, he endeavors to more deeply understand the disease and the full impact of this and several other interventions. Genuinely treating his patients like people and as humans, and not just as some ‘other cases,’ Dr. Mir gives his all and does it with great heart.” -L. Shah

Dr. William J. Howitt, M.D.

“I am pleased to nominate Dr. William J. Howitt, M.D. for this lovely recognition program. Very early in the covid-19 pandemic, he established a screening station for the clinic to provide care for positive and negative patients. He had the foresight to see that social-distancing was key in keeping the virus contained. He is truly a physician who is offering solutions to this pandemic. Please accept my nomination. Thank you.” -A. Staffer

David Zhao

“David Zhao works in a hospital at the center of the pandemic. He deserves some sweets to help with his energy to fight covid!” -K. Hwang

Patricia Zaums

“Dear Jai, You’re an amazing doctor! Thanks for all you do! I hope this treat finds its way to you ! Love, Rinku”

Michael Holzer

“My husband Michael is my hero. I would like to share his quest to become a Registered Nurse, a quest that began 25 years ago. Along the way he faced many medical obstacles, enrolled in 4 different nursing schools and had been told by an instructor at a former school “I should look into a different profession and not become a nurse because you have too many seizures.” His obstacles all began on a fateful day in May of 1992 when he was hit in the head by a baseball pitch during a high school baseball game. From that hit he suffered a traumatic brain injury which has resulted in him developing epilepsy and experiencing many seizures. He has been intubated 7 times, has had 2 brain surgeries and has seen the inside of more hospitals than he can count on two hands. Before his craniotomy in 2002, he experienced 46 seizures in a 3 months. There were plenty of days he thought that he would never finish and that he should just give up and that is exactly what he did until he met me, his future wife 14 years ago. It was I who insisted that he apply to nursing school once again. He was finally able to achieve his goal in 2013 and graduated Nursing School at the age of 36. He is currently a Registered Nurse in Brooklyn in the Interventional Radiology unit. During the Corona Virus pandemic he was reassigned to the Emergency Room. It was a rough couple of month for him and words could never express the horrors that he saw. One minute he would be talking to a patient about baseball and the next minute they were gasping for air and dying, all in an instant. He held approximately 80 hands of grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children as they died because their family could not be there for them. He will never ever forget what he saw, he felt as if he was going to a war zone every time he suited up in his personal protective equipment. He does not consider himself a hero, and says he was doing the job he loves to do. A calling that he fought long and hard to fulfill. He has voluntarily self quarantined in the downstairs of our home to keep myself and our three children safe from potential infection. Michael still suffers from epilepsy and seizures that are brought upon by lack of sleep and stress. The right combination of daily medications have given him a better quality of life.” -A. Holzer

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 19th

Cathy Li

“Cathy Li has been a dedicated diagnostic medical sonographer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for 5 years. She shows true passion for her job and compassionate patient care. She always puts her patients before herself. During this pandemic, Cathy has been doing multiple tasks in the hospital beyond her job. She is actively performing ultrasound exams on positive confirmed COVID-19 patients. There are days when it’s hard, and she cannot go home to see her family, yet her strength and loyalty are unwavering and show how much she deserves to be recognized.” -C. Li

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 26th

Melissa Teto, RN

“Melissa Teto, RN at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut, critical care unit.” -S. Blake

Heather Womack, RN

“I’m nominating my wife Heather Womack RN. I remember this night like it was yesterday that we discussed her becoming a nurse. This is where it all began. One night 14 year ago after our three kids were in bed, we were discussing challenges on her job that she didn’t like. She was very frustrated, so I told her to quit and she said oh yea then what? I asked her, well what do you want to do? She didn’t understand my question, so I said what job do you want? She replied, “well I’ve always dreamed of being a nurse but figure that I would never be able to, so I gave up on the dream to raise children”. I replied well then that’s what you are going to do. She thought I was joking. I said it again. If you want to be a nurse, then this is what you will do. The surprised, excited and little confused look in her eyes filling with tears. I said I got this! She started nursing school. Me and our daughters helped her through studying for exams. There were dinners that I made I’m sure my kids didn’t like. It wasn’t easy but I knew she would be a great nurse, so all of the struggles were worth it to share her kind caring hands to provide care for others. The day she graduated was one the proudest moments in my life and hers. She stood on the stage with her head held high in her nursing uniform donning a white hat. Tears filled her eyes as she was awarded her degree in nursing. I stood with family members applauding her accomplishment. My father in law a tough Marine shed a tear that day. Her dream had become a reality! Through the years I’ve heard so many stories of her doing CPR to save a life or hearing about a life lost with tears in her eyes to having a difficult discussion with another. The stories some funny others sad. One particular funny story was she was doing CPR on a patient that his heart has stopped. After a long time of performing CPR and reviving him. He opened his eyes and the first thing he said to her was ‘hey can you put my hat back on.’ I’ve heard other nurses say that if the Sh** hits the fan they want her to be there to help. She is a leader and is the person that rushes in to help no matter what the situation is. She is a true patient advocate and makes sure that she provides kind words to help them through a difficult time. I’ve visited her at work many times and pause sometimes to watch her work without her knowing with amazement of her gifted touch. One instance I visited her job with her father. He was eager to say hello, but I said wait, watch her work. We stood watching her work with patients. He teared up again like he did during her graduation. Who said Marines don’t cry? She has a touch that can’t be quantified. She knows what to say and provides what medicines can’t provide… I call it the ‘It factor’ When you see ‘it’ you will know what I’m talking about. I wish I could provide a video to show exactly what I’m trying to describe because I can’t justly describe ‘it factor’ in words. Today through these trying times Heather cares for several Covid 19 patients. She wears daily PPE that makes her face sore, ears hurt and creates headaches. She selflessly puts her patients first and never expects anything in return. She doesn’t expect accolades or recognition; she wants nothing more than her patients to get better. I’ve asked her to slow down and not work so hard, but she won’t listen to my advice. She and works through foot pain, back pain and soreness giving it all to make sure that her patients are taken care of. Heathers by example have influenced two of our daughters to become nurses. The both care for Covid 19 patients today. When we first met, I was a lost soul and not on the best path. She saved me, influenced two of our daughters to become nurse and continues to save and care for others to this day! PS. If she knew I was nominating her for recognition she would probably say someone else is more deserving. Many others would agree with me, she is very deserving!” -L. Womack

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 17th

Maureen Jarret

“She is an amazing CNA who puts her patients before herself. She’s been working on a covid unit during this pandemic and came down with the Corona virus last week. She had to spend some time in the hospital but she’s back home doing better but still recovering. There is no one like he she’s always putting others before herself and advocating for the needs of her patients and anyone who needs it. She is truly selfless and one of a kind.” -K. Landi, RN

Kareema Mulrain

“She is a healthcare hero working as a nurse in a covid ICU in Boston, MA. She cares about her patients and works hard to see that they get the best care. I love her dearly.” -K. Toby

Natalia Dabrowska

“Natalia Dabrowska is a nurse at 3 different hospitals working up to 6 days a week, keeping a positive attitude and encouraging others to keep pushing forward.” -M. Dabrowska

Dr. Allen Ahn

“Dr. Allen Ahn is a clinical pharmacist at one of Michigan’s biggest hospitals and is an unsung hero of this pandemic! He regularly participates bedside at CPRs, verifies and often corrects drug orders, and helps manage the hospital’s supply of medicines. He is an American and Canadian immigrant who is bilingual and can help Korean speaking patients who come into the hospital. He keeps highlighters in every color peeking out of his pocket to make a rainbow and help patients of all ages smile!” -C. Kurecka

Tricia Tirella

“Tricia Tirella – Nurse at Gifford medical center in VT” -J. M. Adams

Angeline Foronda

“Angeline Foronda is a nurse who works at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City. Her unit was converted to a COVID unit, and she has worked long hard days caring for the large influx of patients who have swamped her unit. The emotional toll on her has been overwhelming–caring for very sick middle aged patients with families, many of whom have a poor prognosis, is demanding. Not to mention the physical toll–facial bruising from the protective gear and sore back and leg from running around all day.” -B. Friedman

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 29th

John Case, Nursing Home RN

“John became a nurse after a career as a cabinet maker and raising 2 children. He is now dealing with patients who are both physically and mentally impaired and have the COVID 19 virus. He provides the same highly professional care to his patients every night weather or not they are contagious. He is my hero of this pandemic.” -J. Berek

Angela White

“She’s an ER doctor at Highlands in Oakland working hard to save lives!” -N. Thomas

Robert Bepko Jr, R.Ph

“Bob is the Director of Pharmacy Services for the Nuvance Health System in Connecticut. He has been tirelessly working to make sure that patients have the drugs they need to get through this.” -V. Jack

Tiffany Spearman

“Tiffany Spearman is a hero, mother, awesome daughter and a Register Nurse. She earned an MSN last year, before that she worked as a CNA. Tiffany has made great sacrifices to serve others during the covid19 epidemic. She has also answered the call to work extra shift, when short staffed. Tiffany has a precious 4 year old son. After working a 12 hr shift and returning home, Tiffany first removes her scrubs, shoes and place in the washing machine and then immediately take a shower. We keep her son occupied until she’s done. When finished, Tiffany dedicates a few hours to her son, with lots of hugs and kisses, homework and a bedtime story. Before you know it she and son are fast to sleep. I’m grateful and fortunate to have a daughter like her!” -R. Spearman

Dr. Cohill, Dr Ocoli…Baptist Medical Center ED Downtown

“These Doctors work tirelessly and take the utmost care with patients and staff as well!” -E. Wheeler

Dr. Cynthia Graber

“Dr. Graber is a psychologist who has been working full time to support and manage the mental health care of her clients during this collective trauma. I am nominating her on behalf of all of our mental health care professionals who are often behind the scenes supporting those who support others. I would love to see them be recognized!” -J. Levine

Brad A. Bernstein, MD

“Brad A. Bernstein, MD is a 62 year old anesthesiologist and US Navy military reservist currently serving on the US Comfort Naval Hospital Ship. The Naval Hospital ship that was sent to NYC to help alleviate overflowing hospitals serving the New York City Metropolitan region. Anesthesia providers play a vital role in providing in-hospital intubation. However, anesthesiologists generally do not deal with patients with such highly contagious disease. The safety of the patient and the individuals who are involved in the intubation requires special consideration and precautions. Dr. Bernstein at the age of 62, like all older adults is at a higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. Dr. Bernstein was eager to board the ship to help our nation at at our time of need. Dr. Bernstein left his family, and his practice in St. Louis, MO to volunteer serve his country in the epicenter of our nation in New York City as a first responder.” -K.

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 28th


“Laura is a palliative care NP who works at Southside Hospital. This service is more important now more than ever. She has worked every single day of this pandemic even picking up call shifts on the weekend. She has a patient ear and will listen to anyone that needs to vent. She is the bridge for patients that cannot be visited by their loved ones. The most heroic thing about Laura is that she herself is immunocompromised and risks her own health and life every single day. She deserves some recognition. She loves milk chocolate!” -K.

“I would like to nominate my girlfriend and the hospital unit she works in. She is a therapist and works in inpatient mental health. They get patients needing mental health treatment that have covid 19 but aren’t sick enough to need ICU because there is no other place in the community to care for them. They don’t have adequate ppe or adequate ability to distance themselves because of the severity of their patients’ mental illness. They deserve recognition. They don’t get noticed much when people are praising healthcare workers. It would be great for them to be recognized.” -J. Scales

Sweet Surprise Recipient June 23rd

Jessica Sanders

“My niece, Jessica Sanders, is a nurse in the ICU of Miami Valley Hospital. She and the hospital are dealing with Covid cases in Southern Ohio. She is dedicated, caring and compassionate. I am in awe of her work.” -S. Sanders

Tracy Smith

“She is a dedicated physicans assitant working at one of our local hospitals, Rochester General Hospital.” J. Gilman

Margaret Cashell

“Margaret is an amazing nurse who is all about taking care of her patients in the best possible way no matter what’s going on around her. She’s a very quiet person who would never expect any particular recognition for being the absolute beating heart of health care. A chocolate treat for Margaret would be a perfect tribute to the best of nurses.” -H. Cashell

Thomas Zacharias

“Thank you for working 12 hour shifts in intensive care unit and treating every patient with concern and compassion. Bet you never thought that as an RN you would be on the front lines of such a great battle.” -N. Wilson

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 13th

The Therapy Team at Rock Creek Care Center

“We’re not Doctors or Nurses, we’re therapists – Physical therapists, Respiratory therapists, Occupational therapists, and Speech/Language therapists. We are with patients every day regardless of diagnosis. We’ve been on the front lines helping patient’s rehabilitate. It’s time to realize that Doctors and Nurses don’t work alone. They have a team behind them.” -A. Petty

Robert M Currier, D. O.

“Robert M Currier, D. O. Dr. Bob is an ophthalmologist who works 24/7 for his patients in rural Michigan. He still does house calls and will even help with pets. Not only is he a great physician, he also volunteers as a Coast Guard Auxiliarists as a flotilla commander and an AUXAIR pilot. I nominate Dr. Bob to receive your generous gift in return for all he does for the community and our country.” -P. Hubert

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 24th

Ben Hickox

“A Clinical Nurse Specialist in employee and community health at Mayo Clinic Rochester. He spent 13 years as a bedside nurse in the medical cardiac ICU before getting his Doctorate and switching roles about a year ago. Now he supports several hundred outpatient nurses. With the impact of Covid19 changing healthcare practice he has had to rapidly adapt to daily changes to support these outpatient nurses. Last weekend he set up a drive-thru clinic for patients who are on blood thinners to get their blood checked. The drive-thru clinic kept them in their cars and limited their exposure Covid19. He had been in the role less than a year, and unlike bedside nursing where your shift ends and you go home, he is basically on call 24/7 now. For these reasons I nominate Ben” -S. Hickox

Stephan & Anna Karuba

“Thank you for all you do for the less fortunate in Chicago.” -L. & C. Hunt

Methodist Hospital CCU/ Brooklyn NY

“Eight years ago, you battled tirelessly and successfully to save Amari’s life. Now, as you battle to save the lives of others, we hope this brings you a moment of respite.” 

Leea Shirley, RN

“Leea is the nurse manager of our health district. She has worked 7 days a week since early March to help educate our community – our health department staff, our community partners, our community members, our community healthcare providers – about COVID-19. She is part of the ICS leadership team meeting before work every weekday, she is taking part in the 4-person rotation of our on-call phone to provide support to our community clinicians when they have concerns about testing a patient in our state lab, she is working cases to contact the positive diagnosed members of our community to give them guidance and support in addition to information they receive from their providers, she works to contact the contacts of people diagnosed with COVID-19 to explain to them their risk following exposure to the confirmed case, and she is always supporting all of our nurses in the health department in their cases, in finding ways to make sure we have coverage for all our services, and helping to make sure staff has downtime to take care of themselves. Leea is always putting the needs of others before those of herself. She deserves to be recognized for all she does and reminded that she needs to take care of herself too – so that she can continue to provide support to so many others.” -M. Orndorff

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 7th

Melissa Mcmanus

“Melissa McManus Keep rocking the covid front lines!! Thanks for all you do pal” -L. Higgins

Glen Hessinger MD

“Glen, you’ve led the fight both writing to governors around the country, to our groups national leadership and in the hospital calling for cancelling elective surgeries long before others were. You have put in countless hours getting our hospital prepared to deal with the Covid crises and ensure the safety of the staff as well as best possible options for the patients we are caring for. Thanks.” -J. Richman

Sweet Surpise Recipient April 8th

Paige Bjork

“Paige Bjork works in an ER Lexington where she is carrying her single mask in a paper bag and reusing it for a whole shift. She is still going to work, she is still putting everything in to caring for her patients, despite being in conditions that no first year nurse could have prepared for. Paige lives 350 miles away from her family, who has spent hundreds of dollars in attempts to get PPE equipment to her and those she works with. And I am sure that Paige will not think twice about making sure her coworkers are as protected as she is. She deserves a chocolate basket because she keeps going back to work when most of us would’ve cut and run our first year out of school.” -H. Porter

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 21st

Kristin Dodd, RN

“A close family friend of mine. She has been a nurse for over 20 years. Currently, she works at Children’s Hospital in Waltham, MA as an RN in the operating room. This past year she went on a medical volunteer tip with her co workers. Kristin is an amazingly strong and selfless person! I appreciate all that she does!” -H. Peavey

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 23rd

Colin Radke

“My brother and his girlfriend have been paramedics on the front lines in Connecticut since this started. Both have manned some of the first hotlines fielding the public’s questions on COVID, on top of their normal jobs as first responders, and raising two teenage girls! I can think of no one more in need of some cheers.” -Caitlin Radke

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 9th

Jen Ricker, Director of ICU Nursing at St. Joseph’s Hospital

“She supervises approximately 100 nurses in a hospital that serves economically challenged residents from the area. They are squarely in the area hardest hit by covid-19 to date and are dangerously short on medical supplies and rest. They need all the help we can send their way.” -J. Bubar

Susan Fitzgerald

“Susan is a caring and dedicated nurse in Virginia who has dedicated three decades of her life the well being on her fellow citizens. She deserves some chocolate!” -K. Delaney

Jeff Hada

“Thank you for your dedication working as an EMT and also a nurse.” -Andrie Hada

Kristina Castro

“Is on the front line battling the Virus s and helping people survive.” -A. Moramarco

Monica Iarossi

“Working at Brigham & Women’s in Boston. With everything taking place, a lot of people forget there is still a lot of other work for nurses to conduct – ultrasounds being one of the most important. Your dedication is incredible despite the hurdles – always here if you need anything.” -Rob

Dr. Jeremy Cypen

“Keep up the good work!! ❤️” -N. Cypen

Dr. Amber Reiss-Holt

“I would like to nominate Dr. Amber Reiss-Holt and her team For her whole dedicate work to help the community of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.”

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 20th

Dr. Robert Kaner MD

“Dr Robert Kaner MD and the whole vent team at Cornell New York. You guys are at the tip of the spear and all of us have you with us in our thoughts . We will try to do as much on our end to advance your endeavors.” -H. Rosenthal

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 2nd

Sarah Young Xu

“Dear Sarah, you deserve this for single handedly managing COVID in your clinic! Much love.” -Jenny & Sarita

Sweet Surprise Recipient April 10th

Susie Liu, RN

On the front lines in NYC. -J. Tsao

Mary Conner

“Mary Conner who works as a NNP at Grady and Douglasville hospitals.” -M. Reed

Meghan McClendon, RN

“Thinking of you”

Dr. Stefanie Schroeder

“Physician for ASU health services. Leading our medical team through this crisis with compassion and skill.” -M. Gray

Florence Grant

“You are the most selfless RN I have ever met. Putting yourself in the midst of all of this, daily… It’s obvious that you have the heart of a lion.. I pray you stay well throughout it all. Xoxoxo” -L. Hawley

Dr. Mike Powell

“Thinking of you during this fight!” -E. Peterson

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