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Certified Organic Chocolate

Certified Organic Chocolate

We offer a range of Certified Organic chocolate for those who prefer a purer form of chocolate. Featured brands in this collection create various varieties of delicious milk, dark and white chocolate made from all-organic source ingredients. Finally, you can indulge in chocolate that caters to your desire to enjoy the very best natural flavors.

World Wide Chocolate

Cocoa Beans Grown Organically

Cocoa beans are at the very heart of every recipe for great organic chocolate. Companies creating organic chocolate must first find a farm that grows premium quality organic beans. The reason why is because organic cacao farmers never use harmful pesticides while cultivating bean crops. Also, every care is taken to ensure beans are processed in a way that maintains their natural character and flavor. Cocoa beans grow best in warm, sunny climates, so many organically grown beans come from South America or Africa.

The Best Ingredients

Only the best natural ingredients are used to make the finest varieties of chocolate good enough to be certified as organic. This is an important distinction between organic and non-organic varieties. Certified means an outside entity has vetted the ingredients and found them to be authentically organic. Usually, this means you're getting a higher quality chocolate product than what is commonly found among mass produced brands. In addition to chocolate, other certified ingredients are often milk, cocoa butter, nuts and vanilla.

Richer Flavor Tones

The pure, rich flavor of organic chocolate is truly a revelation. Once you taste organic chocolate bars, powders and wafers, you may never want to go back to non-organic offerings. Yes, it's that good. The robust flavor of the chocolate shines through, unimpeded by artificial fillers. This allows you to enjoy the complexity of subtle flavor tones with every bite. If you're seeking healthier alternatives to standard chocolate, we invite you to try organic. It's also a big relief to know you're eating chocolate that doesn't contain toxic chemicals that may be harmful to human health.

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