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Valrhona White Chocolate Feves

Valrhona White Chocolate Feves

Add the creamy texture and buttery flavor of chocolate to your baked goods without the intense cocoa bitterness with a bag of Valrhona white chocolate feves from World Wide Chocolate. Chocolate feves are elegant alternatives to chocolate chips. They're made in an oval disc shape with an indented middle. Chocolate feves can be used as a substitute for almost any chocolate chip recipe. They can also easily be melted down and used to create chocolate ganache or used as a chocolate coating. Add them to cakes, cookies, muffins and more. The unique shape of these chocolate wafers also makes them a great option for use in chocolate garnishes.

Valrhona French Chocolate - "Les Feves" Ivoire White Chocolate 35% Cocoa[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

White chocolate feves are made with delicious cocoa butter and delicately sweetened. This gives them the unique taste of warm milk that has been enhanced with lovely vanilla aromas. Use these white chocolate wafers to make beautiful carrot cakes, panna cotta, shortcake and even macarons. All Valrhona chocolate products are made with premium ingredients sourced from the best cocoa bean terroirs. The ingredients are crafted into professional-quality baking chocolates by chocolatiers in the Rhone Valley of France.

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