Pairing Chocolate

WWC’s Guidelines to Pairing Chocolate

Chocolate Aromas like Fine Wine. Explore this guide to pairing chocolate with food & drinks.

Depending on the cocoa bean varietal, region of growth & production process, chocolate can and most likely will have a completely different taste. A 70% dark chocolate bar with single-origin cocoa from Madagascar will have completely different notes/aromas than that of the same recipe, but using cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Depending on the origin, some chocolates pair better with some food and drink than others.

And pairing types of chocolate (white, milk, a plethora of types of dark) can be intimidating at first too – so use the information below as a guideline – with more to come!

How To Host a Pairing Party

The Art of Tasting

Chocolate & Wine

Chocolate & Tea

Chocolate & Artisanal Coffee | Coming 2023

Chocolate & Liquor

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