Pairing Chocolate & Brandy

The Sophisticated Liquor

Brandy is distilled from fruit, unlike other hard liquors, primarily crafted with grape, apple, apricot, cherry, peach, and other fruits in select blends. The liquor is typically aged in wood barrels, often oak, and has a fruity burnt wine-like flavor profile because of the fermented fruit. Similar to Brandy, Cognac is a well-known spirit, although by definition can only be produced in the Cognac region in France to be labeled a “Cognac.”

Brandy pairs well with nutty chocolate, even Gianduja blends. South American single-origin blends often omit a nutty aroma, but you just as well can pair Brandy with a nut-infused chocolate blend; the subtleties of Brandy will not overwhelm the chocolate as some othe spirits might.

Shop our suggested selections below via our "build your own tasting flight" option to host your own chocolate and liquor pairing. Please keep in mind, all pairings are subjective person-to-person, and these are mere suggestions to help get you started to find your favorite pairings. Want to share your initial thoughts or your favorite pairings? Let us know here!

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