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Pairing Chocolate and Sauvignon Blanc

A Perfect White Pairing

The Loire Valley of France is home to this classic white variety, with significant plantings found in New Zealand and California and Bordeaux where it is often blended with Semillon and Muscadelle.

Noted for an intense character of herbaceousness and citrus overtones, Sauvignon Blanc can be intensely aromatic in warmer vintages in the Loire Valley, but can typically be identified from its New World counterparts by showing significant amounts of minerality. In Bordeaux, the citrus character of Sauvignon Blanc is often balanced by the waxy peach and apricot notes from Semillon.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is often more expressive in the citrus and green herb character it shows, often noted by ruby red grapefruit character and fresh cilantro.

Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with creamy/buttery meals, shellfish, crab, lobster as well as white meats including pork and poultry. This wine also is perfect to pair white buttery white chocolate, as well as citus-infused whites. The white varietal elevates the creamy & buttery chocolate aromas for an outstanding palate experience.

Shop our suggested selections below, with a four-piece pre-made selection, as well as a "build your own tasting flight" option to host your own chocolate and wine pairing. Please keep in mind, all pairings are subjective person-to-person, and these are mere suggestions to help get you started to find your favorite pairings. We also have posted a wine aroma wheel so your guests can use it as a guideline to discuss what flavor notes/aromas they are noticing with each pairing. Want to share your initial thoughts or your favorite pairings? Let us know here! Want to share your thoughts? Our Discussion forum is live in Spring 2020!

Download WWC's Wine & Chocolate pairing notes template for hosting your own tasting party

View an Example of our Tasting Sheet (Post Pairing)

Download a Wine Aroma Flavor Wheel

Sauvignon Blanc & Chocolate Pairing Selection

Four smooth chocolate bars to pair with Sauvignon Blanc.

Build-Your-Own Sauvignon Blanc & Chocolate Pairing Selection

Mix-and-Match our chocolate bar suggestions to build your own pairing flight.

How To Host a Pairing Party

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