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Potomac Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate

With the rise of craft beer in America, it's only a matter of time before craft chocolate starts to take off. At Potomac Chocolate, they're way ahead of the game. Established in Woodbridge, Virginia in 2010, Potomac has been a small craft chocolate company from the start. As the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Washington, DC area, they have created a revitalized interest in the art of chocolate. Their artisan approach delivers chocolate that is extremely flavorful and incredibly satisfying. In addition, they keep the ingredients as pure and fresh as possible, including no added vanilla, cocoa butter or emulsifiers in their chocolate. As a result, you'll get a truly rich and robust flavor with every bite of Potomac chocolate.

World Wide Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate specializes in single origin chocolate bars. These chocolate products feature cacao sourced from one single area, such as their bars featuring cacao from the Upala district of Costa Rica. This particular region produces cacao with a dark, earthy flavor and an enticing aroma. In addition to featuring bars with cacao from around the world, you can also get these bars in darker varieties if you prefer a more robust and slightly less sweet take on chocolate.

The variety of the products is just one of the many things we love about Potomac Chocolate at World Wide Chocolate. If you're interested in supporting a smaller, up-and-coming chocolate maker in the U.S., this is a great place to start. You'll love being able to try the distinctive flavors and superior quality that comes from a small-scale chocolate-maker like Potomac. Their chocolate bars are sure to become some of your favorite chocolates, and they also make excellent gifts for your loved ones with a sweet tooth. Stock up on Potomac Chocolate for a great price when you shop online at World Wide Chocolate.

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