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Detail and care goes into every Callebaut chocolate product, including the hazelnut praline. Callebaut's hazelnuts are hand-picked in the nature-kissed sun-ripe hazelnut orchards of Italy, Turkey and Spain. These delectable nuts are carefully shelled and then medium-roasted shortly after shelling to preserve the fresh, nutty flavor that they are known for. Callebaut's finest hazelnuts are ground, combined with pure, cane sugar and then rolled into delicious, golden praline confections. Callebaut's hazelnut praline creation is world-renowned by gourmands for its intense hazelnut flavor.

World Wide Chocolate

Add Callebaut's hazelnut praline to your culinary delights of all kinds. Fold into ice cream for a cool, warm-weather treat that is guaranteed to delight. Mix into pastry creams for a special and surprising flavor, or nestle into flakey, buttery pastries and other bakery creations. Use in bavarois, mousses and more to bring the hazelnut flavor that everyone loves into your kitchen compositions.

This 11-pound pail of hazelnut praline is kosher-parve, and has been created with a unique attention to detail and a commitment to premium quality that guarantees perfect end results.

Callebaut has been creating fine, Belgian couverture chocolate and other delights since 1911 - refining its ingredients, blends and workability for over 100 years. Let Callebaut's hazelnut praline inspire you to achieve new success in your culinary adventures.

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