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Pralus French Chocolates & Chocolate Bars

In 1988 Monsieur Pralus started his son on the mission to perpetuate the family‘s tradition. After training with his father, François went to study with several French pastry chefs, among others the world famous Bernachon in Lyon. This is when François decided to open a facility dedicated entirely to the artisan production of his own fine chocolates, from bean to bar. François Pralus is counted with the small number of the rare chocolate craftsmen - they are three in France! - who venerate the Quetzalcoatl god by manufacturing their own chocolate directly from beans of their own choosing. Why you might ask; to find the quintessence of the flavor characteristics in each vairiety and to develop original blends that demonstrate the magical possibilites of chocolate. All of this cocoa alchemy is worked out and developed in the Chocolate Laboratory which he created in 1991. François works with the best available beans of each variety from all over the world, Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero, believeing that each has something special to offer. No less than eighteen kinds of beans are imported from Central America, South America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific for his chocolate. Some of his blends reach a content of cocoa of 80%. His Pyramide du Tropiques is a true work of art - 10 colorfully wrapped bars, each made with different beans gathered from around the world.

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